Avengers: Warlord of Baluur #1 (of 3)

"Ooops. I did it again." Beorn makes an O of his mouth and covers it with his fingertips. "Let's go then. Maybe he'll follow us."

Big, orange, and rocky is too large to fit in the Pogo Plane. Any other suggestions? Anyone who doesn't have a suggesstion can give me an Intuition FEAT.
Once the matter of Rocky is settled, Pulsar (or whoever wants to pilot), give me a Remarkable intensity Agility FEAT.
The warhead is drifting towards its explosive destination, you guys are back at the Pogo Plane, heck, even Beorn's looking better than he did 10 minutes ago.
What could possibly go wrong at this point?

Pulsar has no idea what to do with the Grimm impersonator, but he keeps a firm grip on the handles...

Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 57

Heh. Bunch of sad-sacks with no ideas. I hope our characters are better than we are.

Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 65

I don't have any ideas

”Rocky’s too big to fit in here…we’ve got to find him a way to get clear of the blast area before we get out of here”, EnergyStar tells the group. ”Rad…you’re supposed to be smart…what do we have onboard for equipment that might help?”
Rad turns his back to the rest of the team and quickly rifles through the equipment they brought with them. ”Stasis ray…inhibitor helmet…oh, wait!”, Rad turns around holding several antimatter propulsion harnesses. ”We’ve got a bunch of these!”

[EnergyStar gets a 34 on an Intuition check]

”Damn!”, ‘Star says, ”There’s got to be something we can do!”
Rad stares at her and blinks several times.

[Maelstrom gets a 34 on an Intuition check]

Beorn looks at the pile in Rad’s arms, then turns to EnergyStar. ”Don’t worry”, he says with a deeply thoughtful look on his face, ”We’ll come up with something.”

Rad stands motionless and blinks a few more times. He looks down at the antimatter propulsion harnesses. He looks at Beorn and ‘Star. He looks down at the antimatter harnesses again. He look at Beorn and ‘Star again.
”Are you kidding me?”, he asks. ”You guys are killing me…”

”I hate to rush you folks”, Pulsar calls from the front of the ship, ”but I’m going to need you guys to secure your tray tables and return your seats to the upright position REALLY quick-like!”

Several minutes later, Rocky is drifting away in the distance with a couple of antimatter harnesses carrying him away from the Zone of Antimatter and the Distortion Area in a lazy spiral. You can almost hear him saying ”Wheeeeeee!” as he spins away.

Pulsar nervously brings the ship about, and heads back towards the Distortion Area in hopes of exiting the portal and returning to your universe before the warhead detonates. Unfortunately, a Baluurian fleet is still between you and your home space.

Give me some d100 rolls against your Reason or Intuition scores (whichever is better).

Reason and Intuition are both excellent:
Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 57

Maelstrom knocks a knuckle against his head and several whorls of aegis drop out. He blinks his eyes clear and then says, "Gee. That was actually pretty smart. Antimatter belts. What do you figure. Now what kind of a trick is going to get us out of here again? I'd say just hit the throttle and see if we can't blow past the armada but my ideas haven't been working quite as planned lately ... err ... ever. The last one destroyed an entire univ... well, no time for that now. Ummm...you may not have noticed but I, well, err... I can't seem to entirely ... err... die. I've tried a few times. You could jettison me toward them and I'll try and make a show of it while you come along behind. Nevermind. Pretend I didn't just say that. What else ...."

Pulsar pilots the ship towards the Distortion Area with the intent of bringing the Pogo Plane back through the portal. Leaving the Negative Zone and entering the Distortion Area, the Baluurian armada comes back into view. Several ships are facing you, probably having turned around to guard against an attack from behind since you speedily streaked by them entering the Negative Zone awhile back. Once you are spotted, they open fire….

Originally Posted by Shin Ji (Pulsar)
Pulsar […] keeps a firm grip on the handles...
[Pulsar gets a 57 on a Remarkable Intensity Agility FEAT…Green result with an Incredible Agility…]

…zig zagging seemingly effortlessly around the bolts of energy that fly from the enemy vessels, Pulsar buries the ship in the swirling multicolor maelstrom (no, not that maelstrom) that is the chaos of the Distortion Area. The tentacled thing that had attached itself to your hull finally flies off and into the distance. Eventually, the colors dissipate into the smoky, star-filled sky, revealing Earth…your Earth…in the distance…you made it home!

[See the OOC thread (shortly) for what would have happened if Pulsar hadn’t make the piloting check!]

You see the SHEILD satellite off in the distance, but decide to head back to FFHQ since Nick can teleport you back to the satellite if he needs to…besides, there might be some of Bova’s baked Alaska left…
Returning to F4HQ, you find only Bova and Wyatt Wingfoot, She-Hulk’s boyfriend and frequent F4 associate, manning the store. Apparently something nasty just happened at Xaviar’s Institute for Gifted Students and the combined team remnants went off to lend assistance. Wyatt indicated that Cap called in after their arrival at the institute to indicate everything was under control and that they would return shortly. On the good side, they left some baked Alaska. Although it no longer looks like a combined “A” and “4”, it looks more like a “v”…for “victory”, maybe? Enjoy. You head to the Negative Zone monitor room to see what havoc your handiwork has caused.

Karma Totals for the end of this issue:
EnergyStar: 410
Maelstrom: 393
Pulsar: 351
Radical Warrior: 378

Stay tuned!


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