Rewards: To the end of Week 6

Most cunning battler: Thunderboots.
Closest 3 Battles: 3rd: Thunderboots. 2nd: Faith/Swarm 1st: Wally/Tarakir
Least losses: THOTN
Most unusual force: Ogreman.
Most trading between allies: THOTN/Drowned.
NPC force with most kills accrued: The Twisted.
NPC force with least kills accrued: Faith.
Most successful 1st level troop: Jhzaeth.
Most successful 2nd level troop: Tarakir.
Most successful 3rd level troop: Thunderboots.
Most successful 4th level troop: Jhzaeth.
Most successful 5th level troop: Swarm.
Most successful 6th level troop: Swarm.
Most successful 7th level troop: THOTN.

Prize winners get 1gp per prize. Congratulations .

Initiate week 7/8:

The cogs of destiny are turning. Filius Allaxei, leading a large Faith army, is on the move once more.

Major conflict between The Swarm and Faith projected for turn 56. This is going to be a big one...

First day of Final year today guys, pretty full. Tomorrow I'll get back you on your posts! Hold out till then . Cheers guys, hope you're all well.


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