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It takes a village...

It takes a village...

I've been browsing the Non Sequitur games and informal games recently and I've got to say it's a great creative outlet. It gave me an idea that I'd like everyone's help with, using that basic idea to build in game town or structures. Here's my example.

The city of Stone Harbor is a bustling seaport, built around a horseshoe shaped bay with a massive stone and iron sea gate that can be raised or lowered to admit ships. The main body of the town is centered around the main gate that leads to the grassy plains of Stone County beyond, where all trade from the surrounding areas arrives. We begin our tour just outside the gate, looking up at the towering granite walls and four-foot thick doors as they swing open to admit our little band. Where are we going?

So each person posts an area, a block, a marketplace, a store front, even the interior of a building, whatever. We go step by step, mostly on foot but other means of transportation would work as well; canals, carriages, secret tunnels, what have you. Anyone with an in game city or town they want fleshed out could get feedback and make their creations a bit more full. Let's start with Stone Harbor.

The North Den is a cluttered semipermanent market where farmers, craftsmen, and traders from Stone County and beyond bring their goods to unload them at wholesale prices. Twenty or thirty crude stalls are crammed into every available space, leaving little more than the space for one wagon to enter or exit the area at a time. Local merchants gabble loudly, haggling about the price and quality of the goods they wish to purchase. The wagons and wains coming in are piled high with furs, bushels of corn and apples, barrels of cider and beer, blocks of marble, sandstone, and granite from the cliffs to the north, every manner of trade good imaginable. Our party is running low on supplies after the long, harsh journey so we decide to stop and refresh ourselves at a tent selling grilled meat and good, strong beer. The slate sign on the post out front reads 'Fenton's Pub, established 132 BT' though that number means nothing to those from outside of Stone Harbor and the structure looks nothing like a pub. The green and brown stripped tent is faded and patched in places. Holding the flap of the tent open for those behind me, we make our way into the dim, noisome 'pub'

Good luck with this. This is way too much work for a Non Seq game in my opinion. But good lock to you!

I like the idea Bumblr, but as MadHatter says, it's a lot of work for the Non Seq forum (which is normally more Wham, Bam, Thank you Ma'am then creative thinking

It would work a treat over in the Creative Corner Thread though ... you'll most likely end up with Illustrations, family trees, the lot


I'm a horrible, stinking noobie yes.

Thanks though, guys. I'll try this on that page.

Unless you change it to something like:

Player 1: As you get closer to the town, you see a bountiful orchard to your left, a few tents forming a bazaar to your right, and the town gates guarded by two soldiers. Where do you go?

Player 2: I choose the orchard. It is still early in the season and the apples, pears and peaches aren't ripple yet, though a dozen of villagers are tending to the trees. You can see some warehouse to your right. You can also see a giant apple tree in the middle of the orchard. Do you... talk to the villagers? try to pick an apple? get to the warehouse? make your way to the giant tree? or return to the road?

This could be funnier, but harder to end up with a well-rounded village...

I've relocated to to the Creative Corner if anyone is interested in this :-)

oh, to hell with it. I'll run this as a simple game, great idea.

The interior of the pub is dim, smokey, and smells like fresh beer and stale farmer. Along the back wall four huge barrels, ten feet high at least, are aligned like a barricade with a bar made from planks and wooden saw horses. The bartender is a jolly looking, red faced man with a few too many pints around the midsection. To the right a ring of shouting men clutching coins and notes encircles a shirtless half-orc and a half-elf dressed in soiled finery apparently bare knuckle boxing. A triple row of small tables seated for three line the left wall and an important looking man dressed like a sultan sits in a lone booth with a short line of what look like petitioners.

Where do you go? Rules are simple; first to post takes us another step, anyone with creative input feel free. I can do light hearted, though I've never been able to say something simply when I can be long winded and wordy about it ;-)

"Alright everyone drinks ar..."

Meldronianon the Dwarven Blacksmith entered the pub with a bag full of platinum. He wanted to buy drinks for his brothers and friends in arms. But was cut short as an angry Half Orc Barbarian just lost a game of cards and picked up the table throwing it across the Pub. The person hit with it was none other then Mel. His head split open and blood started pooling out from his open head wound. His bag of platinum coins hit the floor and scattered. Causing a bar room brawl. Everyone was fighting and stabbing to get those 12 platinum coin.

Romph the half-orc and Kerevar the half-elf temporary stop their bare-knuckle fight. For two seconds, they watch each other. Then both nod at each other. Then dive in the fray, looking for some of the platinum coins.
A dozen of patrons having bet on one or the other of the brawlers start yelling, some demanding their money back, others denouncing the treachery. Within minutes, a second bar room begins, more or less related to the first one...

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