Paktow is VERY good about following instructions. Just make sure you very specific with them

A good dm knows when this is neccessary. Well done and on with the questing

wow how lame, I posted the other day a really long post... and its not there. Sorry about that guys. I wonder if it was my fault or something with the connection. I'll post it again >.>

I have been waiting because I really didn't have anything meaningful to say at that point. But I guess it is only the three of us at this point.

I guess so, and that is unfortunate, since it started with such a larger group. I've been crazy busy with starting my new job this week and my wife being 9 months pregnant and always finding more stuff for me to do. My hours went from graveyard to a normal 8-4 shift so took a bit of getting used to but things are getting a bit more on track. We can keep this going if you guys are down and I'll run the other players as NPCs until I can "do away" with them and make room for one or two more. Sorry again for the slow posting, but I like to also give everyone else a chance to post and push the story along. I'm way more into roleplaying than roll-playing.

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