Scene Three: Rock Pit

Alexis begins climbing to the top to check out the upper area.

"Let me check the top to see if there is a mechanism to open it or a means for us to lift it for the explorer to enter."

Cid climbs out of the explorer to look around with the others, trying to determine the best way to raise the gate. Immediately noticing the different metallic look to the gate. "Hey Professor, did you want to take a look at this gate, maybe it has some importance to the culture and give us a little bit of detail as to why this gate is here?"

The professor exits the explorer with a hand-held recorder, the light blinking to indicate that he is already recording. He cocks his head to one side as he looks at the gate, then he turns about in a slow circle, surveying the area. "Odd. It looks defensive in nature, but the structure fits the pattern of a tomb. Why would a tomb require defenses?" As he flops out of the explorer dragging a case of equipment, Drogo mumbles, "to keep something in, or out?"

Alexis doesn't see any mechanism on top, but there is a space to allow the gate to rise through the upper part, essentially coming out the top as it opens.

Alexis climbs back down.

"There is no mechanism to open the gate. But we can lift the gate so we could get through."

"So what do we choose... Zombies or the CDC?" Cid grinned at the comment of Drogo when he mentioned keeping something in or out. "I personally vote for in... defense best works if we are the one getting benefits from it. So how can we help raise the gate and get in?"

With a bit of ingenuity and elbow grease, the group manages to lift the gate, and secure it long enough to get the explorer inside. Once inside, the professor and Drogo set up the recording equipment and he starts holographing the outer compound.

It is late in the evening, or rather, early in the morning. The primary star should rise in about an hour. Ithai is resting in the explorer. What are the rest of you doing?

Ice backs the Explorer into the interior compound and then sets up the perimeter monitoring equipment. May not be much good in the current situation but it might detect someone climbing over a wall or the approach of someone coming towards the gate. Still there is that thought about things inside although they would have to be severely ground based for that wall and gate to have kept them inside considering how easily they gained access through it.

Once the vehicle is secured he checks with the others to see if anyone was going to take up look out duties if not then he would. He sure wished his sister were here, or least someone that had command authority. Coordinating efforts without a leader was generally extremely chaotic and difficult at best.

Once the gate is up and the explorer inside, Alexis climbs into the explorer.

"Ice, you and Cid need to take turns watching the gate and the walls in two hour intervals. After four hours, then come get me for my turn. I will be asleep here in the explorer. If anything happens, get me quickly."

Alexis climbs into a sear and reclines it. She dozes off for the next four hours.

When Alexis pops in and begins giving orders Ice just chuckles softly then says to Cid, "I'll take high point." He then makes sure he has his gear, just in case, including his goggles and heads for the side door exit. As he passes near Alexis he softly says with a smile, "Thanks Alexis I think I love you." Then quickly slips out of the vehicle before she can respond.

Once outside he looks for the highest point that he can see that looks like he can get to fairly safely. Kind of counterproductive to break ones neck trying to get a good vantage point. Once he has established what seems to him to be the post spot. He then moves off to get to it.

GM please let me know if you want me to make any kind of spot rolls and/or climb rolls

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