Chapter 1 - Return to the Wold - IC

Munir Foehammer

Without much ado, the dwarf follows and wades into the thick of battle, knocking over a chair in a display of force and swinging his hammer towards one of the brigands. This time, the priest's mighty weapon connects with his foe's chest, letting him feel the wrath of Moradin.

Dougan stares curiously at his shoulders. "Ain't carryin' no arms. My arms carry other stuff. Can't put my own arms down." he grumbles, looking up at the men. Then his comrades spring into action, and he shrugs. These were bullies, anyway.

He leaps over the bar, slides in among the bullies, and begins bobbing and weaving. It's clear that Dougan is an experienced bar fighter, and he's more at home among wood-paneled taverns than on any battlefield. He roundhouse kicks a mug of beer into an already injured guard's throat, then brings his knee up into the ribs of one more nearby with a resounding snap. He throws another off-balance with a tap of a bar table, then shoves it back into the man from afar.

"My name is Dou! How do you do!?!" he shouts triumphantly as two of them crumple to the ground.

These dice sets were omitted or moved: 1d20+7 1d20+7 1d20+7 1d20+7 1d20+7 3d8+5

Halfling Rogue

Wik's jaw drops open as she pokes her head around the corner to see the destruction her friends have leveled upon the Iron Circle goons. Two of the brigands are still airborne after whatever Dougan did, a third can barely stand, and two others look like they're still trying to figure out what hit them!

Seeing Noonie shaking behind the bar, Wik gives her a reassuring smile, "Don't worry sugar, we're the good guys!" Before one of the thugs can recover and draw his weapon, Wik hops up on the bar (pocketing a few loose coppers sitting beside an empty mug), cartwheels onto Dougan's shoulder, flips under his arm like she was swinging off a crossbeam, and buries her dagger into the small back of an unlucky Brigand too focused on the heavy-armoured Paladin looming before him to see where the attack came from.

Death and destruction arrive from behind the worn-smooth oak counter of the bar of the quaint Harken inn known as Nonnie's place. Power writ large and small explode in a profusion of blows to lay waste to the small squad of Iron Circle soldiers intent on causing mischief. Only two stand after the first onslaught.

Driven to escape the maddened sense of fear instilled by the staff-wielding wild witch Gretta, they push the attack on what they take to be the leader of the gang. In truth they are also keen to escape the powerful fists of the arch-brawler Dougan. In a show of arms they push Rivenalis back with a combined assault, their keen-edged scimitars leaving the paladin bloodied and bruised.

Aliss Weaver
The Flamescarred

Aliss makes her way to the door behind Gretta and nods thoughtfully at the destruction already wrought inside before adding her own, conjuring two bolts of flame that arc through the doorway before separating to reach out for the two standing Iron Circle thugs. The flames catch the two soldiers solidly and throw them to the floor, leaving the common room cleared of threats...

Riven Cambryn
Human Paladin of Bahamut

Current HP: 33/33 (12)

Riven dodges back as the last of Aliss' fiery bolts strike down the brigands. He looks genuinely disappointed that he only managed to slay a chair that he left in ruins. He sheaths his sword and then nods to the group. He says, "Well fought. Hopefully they will have learned their lesson than to continue to bully these good citizens. As for these wretches, we can either bring them with us and throw their corpses into the woods so as to cause you no trouble, or just leave them hear. I'm not much for plans though...what do you think?"

The paladin grabs one of the sturdier chairs and has a seat to rest up a bit.

Halfling Rogue

As much fun as this little scuffle was, something nagged at Wik's mind. This seemed almost too easy. Remembering the flutter of movement she had spotted in one of the nearby buildings, she tiptoes over to the window, lifts herself up to get a better look, and scans the outside area for any other potential enemies.


Gretta doesn't look disappointed. She turns her attention to the others in the bar. "Is everyone else ok? What was going on in here?"

Munir Foehammer

The dwarf sighs, happy that the fighting is over. Letting his hammer slide back, he answers: "Yes, I think we are good. Are we?"

The fight draws to a swift conclusion with a flurry of fists, flames and fear-inducing powers as the Righteous Fire stamp their mark in the Iron Circle's back garden. Villagers stare stunned in turn at the sudden outbreak of violence and the just as sudden cessation. Nonnie is the first to speak.

"Well, that was mighty impressive. But unless there are forty or fifty more of you outside, we're in trouble now! Unless we can cover this up and get you out of here quick? Yes. Let's get the bodies into the cellar and clear up the mess. We must move quickly before these lot are missed."

As she busies the other villagers to begin the clear up operation, Wik makes her move towards the window. It's not clear what has happened but you hear a startled but muffled exclamation coming from the other side of the pane of glass.

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