Chapter 1

Aspar stares at the blank console until he realizes the issue. He turns to the Jawa.

"Ok my're on."

Fast a womp rat Churrr'Ipa whipped out a comlink and squeaked into it. It may have been common but sounded like a separate language all together
When the droid shambled in Churrr'Ipa again wasted no time in popping open a hatch on its side and rigging up a restraining bolt. This particulr model of t12 had two very short unarticulated legs and a square box for a body. The droid was covered in lights and button, most dimmed or gone all together. It had two articulated arms, one ending with a claw and the other a wrench. Its head was just a dim holobulb with a speaker mounted below it.
He held the control tightly in his hand as he inserted the chip into the droids mainframe and activated it.
Dice Roll:
4d6 1d6et
d6 Results: 5, 2, 2, 1 (Total = 10)
d6 Results: 4
Sum Total: 14

The droid comes to life and immediately starts asking where it is and who are ya'll.

Where is Master Tyttonne, last I remember is recording a location for him in case something happened.

What happened to the Master?

Churrr'Ipa held up the control for the restraining bolt and said
I'm the new master, Your former master has run into some problems. We intend to help him if we can but first we need your help. Let's start with that location you saved. We need it very badly.

Of course the old master said if anybody should come asking....he said it wouldn't matter anyway if the person didn't know what they were looking for ..

The location is on Ambria in the middle of the jungle... I would be happy to take you there.

"Ambria? Hrm. Let me
Knowledge: Planetary Systems Roll:
Dice Roll:
1d6 1d6et
d6 Results: 4
d6 Results: 4
Sum Total: 8

Aspar slides into the Captains chair and beings firing up the space charts.

"Ok then, lets roll out. Let me
Mechanical: Astrogation Roll:
Dice Roll:
3d6 1d6et
d6 Results: 1, 3, 4 (Total = 8)
d6 Results: 6, 1 (Total = 7)
Sum Total: 15
plot a course. and We'll be on the move. Any objections to leaving this place now, please speak now."


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