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Epic Forum Member Beatdown Thread

Deadpool splatters.

Deadpool reforms like that of the T2 Termiantor and cuts off Attikol's troll head.

An unsuspecting mercutio arrives on the scene as Attikol's head falls to the ground, rolling a couple of feet away, with Deadpool standing there.

Mercutio: Really dude? REALLY? *shaking head in disapproval* I go for a walk, minding my own business, and I stumble onto this scene. Go-Go Gadget Rocket Launcher!"

A rocket launcher pops out of Merc's hat and blows Hatter into a scattering of bloody shards

Unbeknownst to deadpool hatter Attikol has had himself ninja cloned with science. As we speak there is tanks resident evil style with every clone of him wearing full ninja attire. Attikol 117 jumps out and injects hatters bloody shards with super cancer the most cancer that your cancer can get while it cancers your cancer so you can cancer. It is a lot of cancer is what I am saying. The cancer deadpool pieces just start saying aw crap cancer left and write. I throw the last of my cancer into Mercurio before he can foil my ninja themed crimes also so that I can loot his awesome science.

Once again Hatter The Deadpool is a T2 terminator and has a healing factor. So he is restored within minutes. Deadpool already had cancer and it was cured for ever in Weapon X and he can never get it again. Deadpool gets back up and sighs.

"Damn Clones! This is my comic/thread and I win."

Pulls out his twin desert eagles and shoots Attikol and gadget rocket fist each 6 times in the head.

ninja attikols 172 and 159 come up and cut mad hatter into tiny ass pieces. Then they use their inherent ninja powers to summon a ass load of rats and cats. They gobble up every piece of super cancer infected cancer immune deadpool madhatter. I then launch these cats and rats into space, the negazone, and the dark dimension. Plus asgard just cause. He keeps one cat to be tossed into lava at a later date.

When attikol is done, I open up a singularity, also called a black hole, in the heart of each and every one of his clones. The singularity is small enough that they don't do much damage to the fabric of reality, but having a black hole in your heart is quite fatal, as your entire body collapses in on itself, until it's a fine point that can just barely be seen if you squint just right.

Loki brings Deadpool Madhatter back to life. Frowns as he is transported back to Earth. Sees Steampunk adept and shoots him in the head. Deadpool Hatter mostly uses guns and is not as original as the rest of the people here with their cool deaths. But he gets the job done. Deadpool Hatter then goes to drink tea.

Unfortunately Steam has forgotten that their is an original and the original Attikol bursts out of madhatters tea bag and punches him right in his mutant genes. His healing factor is never the same as it cries in a corner from such a brutal sneak attack to the genes. I remove all mention of racism and apologize for straying from violence, cancer, and murder to say things about the jews.


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