7. Ding Dong the (Giant) Witch is dead ...

"I suppose, but I prefer only to gamble when the odds are heavily stacked in my favor. Alternatively, you redouble your bets upon every loss such that after a series of trials, you'll eventually get...oh, nevermind - hey! Hold on a minute!"

His rather bland rambling duly interrupted, Neithardt also propped himself to his feet and joined the conversation regarding the youngling giants.


"I believe Master Giddis is in the right here. Perhaps it'll seem like kindness to you or feel like some sort of atonement for killing the rest of the young ones, but the truth of the matter was that we should not have stayed our hand in the first place. Sparing these two might mean nothing to most of you now, but let's take a look at this from the lifetime of a longer-lived species. We've killed their entire clan, subjected them to all sorts of mental and psychological trauma, and possibly letting them run off to fend for themselves in the bitter wild. If nothing else, this is the very definition of sowing hatred and malice, and will surely trouble bring trouble future generations. If you all are not willing to take responsibility for these young ones to find them a good home and ensure their future psychological stability, then you may claim no moral high ground here, and Master Giddis's iron mercy is a far more responsible decision than any other."

Giddis didn't move, he simple stared the bitch queen's son in the eye as the genasi lowered himself to his level.

"... and the wolf pups are animals, I'm willing to keep and train them." He said with a condescending grin. It was the best he could do, he had no idea what psychologgy was nor most of what Neithardt was trying to say, but he did get that he was agreeing with him, that was good enough.

"Except we haven't killed off their entire clan. There's a whole room of giants next door remember. And who knows how many else in the other rooms." Jinn replied to Neithardt's argument. She turned to include Giddis, her eyes still burning, "Plus we don't know that these young ones have killed or murdered anyone! So just because some giants attacked the town, for reasons we don't know yet I'll add, all giants are clearly brutal murderers and need to die? You were so eager to save the other lady for the sake of her children, what about these children for the sake of their parents? Chances are they're still alive given how many giants could live here."

Fina stares as her companions argue over the fate of the giants. To see them arguing so intensely is, in a sense, more terrifying than the fights have been. As they continue to retort to one another, Fina murmurs, "Please... stop..." None hear her over their slung words, and Jinn's eyes spark as she stares at Giddis. The two could come to blows at any moment.

"Stop it!"

For the first time outside of a battle, Fina's voice is raised, with her shout cutting into the silence that comes after Jinn's words. Her hands shake as she clutches onto her bow, but Fina continues to speak. Her tone has returned to its usual quiet tone, but it has a trembling quality. "We came here to help the town. We came as friends to save everyone. This isn't going to help them. We can't argue with each other over this. I... I don't want to kill anyone either, but I... I understand everyone's views. There's no right answer, only the ones that we believe are for the best. I... don't want to see anyone else in that town suffer. I don't want to see anyone else have their heads mounted on these walls!" She throws her left arm out to indicate to one of the trophies the giants have nailed nearby. "Mister Lakkariel, Miss Jinn, killing innocent children is a terrible thing. But what can you do when those children are not? What can you do when their parents have already raised them like this? Raised them to hunt us, to torture us, to decapitate loved ones in front of us!" Her hand drops to cover her eyes. She hates herself for the tears welling in her eyes, for the weakness they show, yet she can do nothing but try to hide them. Her voice barely suppresses a sob as she says, "There's no way to save everyone. I chose who I wanted to save. It's awful to think this way, but every time I try otherwise, I see these heads! All these heads! Who were they? What grieving families did they leave behind? If keeping those people happy means killing every giant here, then that's what I will strive to do! Even if I mourn every life that is lost in doing it!" She breaks off, unable to continue and turning away from the rest of the group.

Jinn turned indignantly to Fina. "And how do you know these children aren't? What if you don't need to kill every giant here to keep the village safe? Are you going to kill all the giants we meet just because one of them might be one that attacked the village? What if they were a tribe of people instead? I bet you wouldn't be so keen on it then!"

As she noticed the bards tears she deflated slightly. She didn't like fighting with these people, but then it wasn't like she knew most of them anyway. Even the halfling, who she had known the longest out of all of them, she had only met a few weeks ago, and apparently they had some fairly sharp differences of opinion.

Giddis’ eyes widened, looking back between the women and Lakkariel. Now he was mad. ”Fine… have it your way.” He spat at the Genasi and stalked off towards a nearby bed to take five.

So he sat waiting, staring at the unconscious giants as he passed the time tossing his dagger up catching it as it crackled.

he's basically waiting for the giants to wake up before killing them, unless someone else does it first. Readied action to throw dagger if they should stand.

With everyone staring each other down or trying to get their point across, it is only another two minutes before the young hill giant starts to come too. He shakes his head where being thrown against the wall must have made him groggy before looking around to take in what is obviously a massacre of his friends and family ...

Without missing a beat Giddis
rba vs something:
Dice Roll:
1d20+19 1d4+16
d20 Results: 7 (Total = 26)
d4 Results: 1 (Total = 17)
If he has CA its higher.
flung his dagger at the waking giant and as the dagger returns to his hand he gets up from the bed and goes to check on Liame.

In the meantime, Liame had tried the new set of keys on the locks.

Oblivious to all the fuss going on outside the room, Liame works out which key is which easily enough and with a little leverage is able to open both the chests. Having spent some time in here, Liame comes to the conclusion that this is a very special room (compared to the other rooms he's seen), the bed is easily big enough for two giants. There are two chests. There is a mirror on one of the walls, and great big deer with antlers on the other ... maybe two giants share this room ???

Mind back on the job, you open the first chest on the eastern side, in it you find:

A gem-studded helm and an ivory drinking horn with platinum filigree, all laying within and on a quite large pile of coins..

The other contains a suit of leather armour studded with gleaming, brass studs; three pieces of fine jewelry (armour and jewelery are all human sized. Also wrapped in some velvet (most likely torn from what was probably a very fine dress) is a gold amulet set with beautiful jewels, this would most likely fit around Fina or Jinn's waist, so it was most likely Morzul's necklace.


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