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I guess this means the God doesn't have a lot of control over its host?
I'm thinking I'll go with some kind of leader, like a school teacher, or priest or something like that. That's who I would possess if I were a god.
I'll leave aside enough points for up to 5 followers, who I'll recruit in game.

I'm still not sure what this game will be about, but that's cool. It definitely sounds interesting.

You have rolled low on the control roll. Which means the god has indeed merged with you,but as far as any form on control over you it failed miserably.
Meaning! you! the mortal! have total control over your body.You actually have no idea of what resides inside of you.
But you feel instant knowledge of gifts that you possess.

So you do not know the entities name! nor can u interact with it.

You do not know of the godly issues at hand,so will not know of any threat,until it comes a calling on your doorstep.

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