Twisted Fairy Tales

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Twisted Fairy Tales

Twisted Fairy Tales - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D) and clones
Ad Closes: Nov 14 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 6

Looking for about 6 dedicated players, willing to run the long haul! It's a Grimm's Fairy Tales world, with my own twisted concoctions. It will be a game mixed with action, mystery, espionage and quite likely a large dash of terror and humor!

I'm looking for great roleplayers who can adapt to any situation, and are willing to stick around for a while and remain active as much as possible.
As any who've gamed with me know, I tend to be fairly strict with ability score rolls, so I'm looking for players who are capable of playing out their lot in life with pride instead of wishing to be reincarnated as a rock star. It's good to be the huge famous guy, but nobody gets famous without the intrinsic qualities of the small fry to push them to the top

Admittedly, this game has the potential to be more lethal than most average 3.5/4e games, but I prefer characters making pressured choices forced by fear for their lives than sitting around a dungeon for 20 minutes arguing over who should do what... Yes, I'm a bit hardcore like that.

The game setting will start with a nice, big potentially bloody battle, so be warned!

This game is not for the squeamish or the crybaby. Your character could actually die in this game!

Note: I am by no means out to kill anyone's character, so don't misread the warning label. However, your enemies aren't exactly out to invite you for tea and crumpets, either.

Game Description:

The Land of Yore is a land of Grimm fairy tales, with sinister twists. You will not find the fairy tales you grew up with here. Instead, you will find characters and places that are quite familiar but unlike what you would expect. This is a place of beauty, mystery, fascination and wonders beyond your wildest imaginations.
Yet beneath all this, there are forces that have sought to snuff out the light of the Kingdoms of Yore since time immemorial.

Note: Many characters are homebrew as well, so don't freak if you don't recognize most of the less "iconic" characters!

You are the newest recruits to the Scarlet Dragons. You've spent the last couple of years as soldiers in Queen Cinderella's army, and have proved yourself through bravery, loyalty and sacrifice. You are now members of this small but elite rank of warriors, spies and scouts, rangers and trackers and magic wielders. The units, usually consisting of four to six members are the selected for the more precarious and subtle missions, while also being the morale for the rest of the army, backing up the front lines in battle.

You, brave soldiers, are the defenders of the Blue Kingdom!

Character Creation:
Sources - Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook and Completes only.

Abilities - Roll 4d6 drop the lowest. If no scores meet what you need to qualify for the class you are applying for, I'll allow you to bump one score to the minimum to meet that requirement. The score you choose can be any but your lowest score (unless you have two of the same lowest score).

Rerolls: will only be allowed under 1 condition, no if's and's or but's: If your score contains more than 2 that imply penaties and no scores carry a potential bonus (keep in mind that the bonus/penalty system is not the same as 3.x/4e, so you won't know which carry what until you place the scores in their respective abilities and check your class charts). I'm looking for players who can roleplay and take a 'bad' situation and make it productive and fun! As a friend of mine once said. "There's no such thing as a weak player character, only weak-charactered players."

Starting level - Edited: Characters will be starting with 5000 XP bringing them to what their Experience advancement allows for their classes This is to account for Multi-Classing, putting the characters' average level around 3.
Starting Gold - 3d6 x 100
Starting Hit Points - 1st level max HP, 2nd level roll HD (reroll if less than half max), 3rd level roll HD standard
Starting Gear - Each character will start with the following gear at no expense to player gold, considered military issue supplies:
Backpack, Bedroll, Waterskin, Rope (50 ft/med size characters or 25 ft/small size characters), Flint & Steel, Dried Rations (1 week)
Weapon: 1 basic magic +1 weapon
Armor/Shield: 1 non-magical armor and/or shield of your choice (full plate, fighter classes only), as long as you have the proficiency for it

1 standard dagger
Healer's Kit (Clerics/Druids only)
Thieve's tools (Rogues/Assassins only)
Alignment - Due to the nature of the game, no evil alignments or chaotic neutral. If you feel that you must select true neutral, please provide a damn good reason as to why you're in the Queen's army, and how you made it to the Scarlet Dragons, due to the amount of sacrifice required to achieve this great honor.

All Mage-type characters start with Read Magic in their spellbooks.

More to come...

Wait wait wait, first you tell me it's going to be a hard core game where characters are likely to die, then you start everyone off a third level with at least 300 gold to rock and roll with and almost all of your starting equipment already bought? Gary Gygax is rolling in his grave right now!

(But still consider me willing and able to play.)

Originally Posted by Powderhorn View Post
Wait wait wait, first you tell me it's going to be a hard core game where characters are likely to die, then you start everyone off a third level with at least 300 gold to rock and roll with and almost all of your starting equipment already bought? Gary Gygax is rolling in his grave right now!

(But still consider me willing and able to play.)
Easy there, champ! You don't even know what's in store yet! *evil grin*

You can't faze me! Let me reference a trap from a level 1 adventure:

You open a door, a ballista bolt shoots out and hits you in the chest. The ballista bolt is on a chain, and winches you back, and once through the door, the door recloses. The bolt and chain are over a pit, and you are pulled over (and, due to gravity) into the pit. You take falling damage. At the bottom of the pit are spikes. You take damage from the spikes. If you somehow survive all of that, there are a pair of undead at the bottom. Keep in mind, the rest of your party has no idea what's going on.

This is all in a level one adventure. Again. Gary Gygax is rolling in his grave right now

Oh how I love high-intensity, 'there's only a slim chance you'll survive past the next level' type games, hehe

Sounds like a lot of fun. Definitely would like in.
When can we get started putting proposed characters together?

Are stats rolled in order, no switching, or can they be freely assigned?

Originally Posted by Scarecrow71 View Post
I'm interested, but as you have seen my dice rolls can be horrible.
Haha! Well with this roll, you have a better chance at getting a decent roll-up!

NJ, just follow the Forum link at the top of the Game Description and to the Character Application thread

I posted my character concept for my character in the application thread. Basic idea is a genre-savvy lore master who is always looking for the best stories.

How will you recruit? Have to go to my parents home to collect my old gaming books from the basement.
No seriously, I'm not kidding. I only have my pdfs of games on hand


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