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Super Science & Signature Weapons a la DFRPG

Originally Posted by prof cephalopod View Post
Anyone else have an opinion?
Well, as I don't play the game, my opinion may not be worth much, but:
Power is derived from the weapon, so "Guns" may be the right option.
Control is derived from how much you have spent on tinkering with the prototypes, so "Resources" may be appropriate.

Alrighty time for threadomancy . . . . Still haven't quite figured how I intend to do some of this . . . Something's are easy and some aren't YAY

Okay, so a player wants a heat ray. . . . My thoughts are keep it simple I propose an item of power which grants access to channeling heat . . . Still haven't decided on the skills the channeling would use. . .

His initial proposal =Helios HX-5, Laser Sights: +1 to guns
Frickin' Ray Gun: +2 to gun stress
Burn Baby, Burn: +2 to Burn Maneuver

Or a weapon that somehow possesses the skills within it to use channeling . . . ?

I'm not sure I just know it needs to be simple. . .what do te more experienced amongst you think?


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