I Shall Brief You Only Once. Ok, Twice.

I Shall Brief You Only Once. Ok, Twice.

You burst into the briefing room as you get another four mission alerts, all telling you to go to the briefing room immediately. Inside, itís a nice new briefing room, with hardly any bloodstains on the floor and a below-average number of suspicious burn marks. There are two briefing officers waiting for you. Thereís a GREEN Clearance citizen in a HPD&MC business suit, and an older BLUE clone wearing an Internal Security uniform. The GREEN Clearance guy bounds forward and pumps Carmen-R-MDN-1 hand enthusiastically and gives her a knowing wink. "Hitherehitherehitherehithere!"

Vera-B of Internal Security gives Marty-G such a withering glare that it dampens his enthusiasm for all of three seconds. Marty-G breaks off the hand shake and changes his tone. "Ok team, pay attention! This is going to be fun!You all know hateful Herman-G, Iím sure! Well, you guys get to escort him to his termination! Itís a real honor! Hereís the mission schedule. Youíll pop into Outfitting, next door, then youíll visit the holding facility and collect Herman-G. Then you just need to walk Herman-G down the corridor to the service entrance of the Execution Centre & Alphaball Stadium. Iíll meet you there and weíll bring the nefarious traitor to his final termination! Woot!" Marty-G vibrates from sheer enthusiasm. His whole body twitches and shivers, apart from his perfectly fixed grin. Occasionally, a little cheer or burst of joy like "yay! Termination!" escapes his locked jaws.

Vera-B of Internal Security leans forward and scratches a perfectly manicured fingernail across her briefing podium. The importance of this mission cannot be overstated, citizens. Under no circumstances can Herman-G be permitted to escape. We expect his allies to make at least one last minute rescue attempt. Be prepared. Under no circumstances can Herman-G be Ė

The door of the briefing room opens and an eager young clone rushes in. He marches straight up to Vera-B and hands her a scrap of paper. She scans it, then continues. Vera-B seems momentarily disconcerted, then continues. "Under NO circumstances can Herman-G be permitted to escape. I repeat, under NO circumstances can the subject be permitted to escape. Do you understand?" Then, grotesquely, Vera-B winks at the Troubleshooter several times. Questions?

Everyone/bot is at the briefing. Including the fresh from the clonevats Eric-R-CLS-2.

George-R stands at attention. His hands caress his toolbox at mention of Outfitting. He nods when Vera-B asks if we understand, returning her winks, and when she opens to floor to questions George looks to his Team Leader for initiative-- as is proper for a team player.

Eric-R-CLS-2 solemnly wipes the blood from S07, who has valiantly fought his way to the briefing room, despite his master's demise at the hands (and other blunt objects) of treacherous Def Lepards.
When the briefing officer finishes his speech, the troubleshooter smiles sadly, tears in his eyes: "Such honour, to participate in The Great Herman-G's Execution. I...I'm not worthy!"
Eric-R grabs his teamleader in a pathetically weak emrace and weeps tears of happines into his jumpsuit.

Quack drips blood from his body as he sits quietly while the others talk. Finally he turns to Vera-B.

"Excuse me, citizen. There seems to be an error with your eye. I have noticed it fluttering up and down a number of times. I'd be happy to undertake emergency surgery in order to rectify this fault if it is necessary?"

Carmen takes the exuberance of the Green Man as her due, she was a star of course. So glad to meet you, she gushes.
Upon hearing they will be escorting the prisoner her face lights up with joy as she turns to Vera-B, do we get new clothes for this mission? Something flamboyant and colorful?

Betty-R nods as he receives his orders. "You can trust us! That traitor will be terminated, no matter the cost!" On hearing Carmen inquiring about wearing something other than they're computer assigned red jumpsuits, he gives her an questioning look, but otherwise says nothing else.

Carmen smiles at Betty-R, of course we all look really good in red but maybe a special scarf just for this occasioin might brighten things up.

She turns back to the Green man who obviously has good taste. I am sad to report that Eric-R took my camera and never returned it to me. Is there a way I might purchase another before we leave?

Basil-R-CLE-1 looks at Eric-R-CLS-2 crying against his shoulder.
"I get it, I get it. Here, take it easy. I know, it's hard to gaze a moustache as fine as this. Don't worry, it happens."

Turning to the BLUE and GREEN citizens, Basil asks:
"Fellow higher-clearance agents, will we have any assigned equipment?"

Eric-R, reverant of Basil-R's magnificent facial hair, steps away, not wanting to mess it's sophisticated arrangement.

Sorry, team-leader. Sometimes, the sight of your moustache is too overwhelming. May I suggest wearing some sort of a veil over it, to stop it from distracting other citizens.

While the team is getting briefed, Eric-R studies the medbot intently, his hand nervously patting his jumpsuit's pocket.
His lips move a little ...soon...soon...


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