Darwin: Mission 1

With a mighty roar and a tendentious ripple the ground shook as if an earthquake had touched down. But the earthquake was not the touching down but the taking off. Slowly the mighty dropship Serpent, owned by the mighty Cobra began its assent into the stars. On board observation was already tuning in to the ground scanning for potential targets. The strike was ready, the goal was set. Now all they needed was a call. And it would indeed come soon.

Slyver smirked as he drew away from his hiding spot. He had done a few remarkable observations about these current times. Items of information that he could really use to his advantage but before he could use it he had a objective to achieve.

"Bluestreak to chameleon and striker squads, move in position."

*Roughly an hour or so later his men were in position. While he stood at a vantage point away from the potential carnage looking through his visor in scope-mode.
"Slyver to venomhand, commence when readyy"

((Sorry for the huge delay. But you would not believe the kind of work load I had. Seriously, assembly is NOT your friend. And i don't care what the experts say.))

The pieces were in place and now that word was received the time had come for Cobra to make its move. To this effect its troops arranged them self in a crescent moon several hundred meters across pointed at their target. In its center was the mech and its pilot eager to make a contribution. So as soon as the word was received the question was asked:
"Viper to serpent. Confirm sight on target and tracking."
And a confirmation given.
"Acknowledged Viper. We have visual and radar on target. You are free to engage."
A gloved hand moved toward the joystick gripping tightly as its fingers reached for the trigger. Numbers appeared on the windshield counting down until their inevitable stop. Data gathered was being received and the uplink prepared. Sweat rolled down the pilots face.

Instantly the mech buckled backward steadying it self as the missiles burst out. The first pair flew out that instant streaking their way toward the sky with a brilliant fiery trail. Seconds later came the second following closely behind the first. As the missiles made their way into the sky their guidance had been patched and taken over by the eye in the sky. Oracle, the eye of the serpent vigilant in its vantage point in space was now guiding these toward their ultimate destination among the enemy ranks. The first two were aimed at the trucks indentified some time ago as artillery. These were priority targets that had to be taken out. The second pair were trailing behind them ready to hit either the mech or the trucks should their brethren fail.

The plan was simple the pieces were in place and the move had been made. The time now had come to see how it endured contact with the foe.

((Orbital target designation FTW.))
((And yes, I actually do have word from Ramrod that this should work.))


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