The Original OOC Thread

Will try to update tomorrow.

Uh, so wait, are we not using initiative or something?

Also, what is that Firestarter doing in my Star Wars?

You can roll. But right now, I'm basically giving you init to go first. If you roll, you can only end up losing what I've given you already.

Energy level is down in games across the board, no idea why. It's around now when bored undergrads start realizing they don't much care about their courses and would rather play roleplaying games.

Personally, I blame those damn MMOs.

It goes in cycles, and yeah, usually in time to parts of the school year. It'll pick back up, I'm sure.

I really hate to say this, but due to several RL factors I'm going to have to cut the time i spend on Myth-Weavers--and unfortunately, that includes this game. I'm really sorry, you guys.

Kinda think this one has been on life support for a while as it is. What are everyone else's thoughts?

Guess that answers the question. :P


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