OOC- The Kitchen Table

Just a note, I somehow forgot to put ranks in Hide. So I fixed that on my sheet by switching out Gather Information. If that's a problem then just tell me, but since we hadn't done any rolls in game yet, I figured it'd be fine. I mean, who makes a Rogue WITHOUT Hide ranks? (Probably someone. It isn't me.)

Oh my gosh I feel like a moron.

"So what weapon DOES Shana have? Let's check." *Click* "...None?" *Scroll* "...I never bought items. ...oh."

So, uh, yeah, I'll post after I fix that severe mistake. >_>

Just a personal note on gear... Most people do not take the time to buy clothes when outfitting their characters, and while I usually do not mention the oversight, it is an amusing thought that everyone is walking around wearing only their armor.

Just remember that to anyone who bought only chain mail. *smiles*

They do, but if I were to be very literal... How many people list said outfit? And what condition must that outfit be in after say... oh two battles? Not that I am going to hold it against people, just a funny thought when you get around to it.

Hey, I'm sorry about my absence... I have had a lot to deal with IRL, with the L&I case + medication side affects... Update tomorrow afternoon.

...Oh for the love of. Okay, I swear I had a post. Either it didn't get put up properly or... I dunno what. *Facepalm* THAT said, I'll repost it before your update. Glad I wasn't holding things up unknowingly.


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