Destiny's Rest

~ Destiny's Rest - Cafeteria ~
Ranas Kae - Head of Security

"Thank the Force." Ranas exclaims as Marty makes his announcement but then turns to Cyrian as the starts explaining. Once the boy is done, Ranas gives him a respectful nod. "You did very well, looking at the challenge." He says. "What do you think those people were? Pirates? I should've spoken to Marko about this. You weren't enough and not nearly as experienced as necessary."

Ranas Kae – Head of Security
Medium Male Weequay Nonheroic 3/Soldier 1/Noble 1/Scout 1
Background None, Force 5, Dark Side 0
Init +4; Senses Perception +3
Languages Basic, Sriluurian
Defenses Ref 25 (flat-footed 24), Fort 21, Will 15
hp 26; Threshold 21
Speed 4 squares
Melee Knife +5 (1d4+3)
Ranged Heavy Blaster Pistol +4 (3d8+1)
Ranged BlasTech DLT-20A +4 (3d10+1)
Base Atk +3; Grp +4
Abilities Str 14, Dex 12, Con 12, Int 13, Wis 10, Cha 12
Talents Armored Defense, Lead by Example, Spotter
Feats Armor Proficiency (light, medium, heavy), Weapon Proficiency (simple, pistols, rifles)
Skills Endurance +14, Gather Information +9
Possessions BlasTech DLT-20A, comlink, code cylinder, datapad, knife, heavy battle armor, heavy blaster pistol

I don’t know Winter and its my business, shes old enough to decide for self, im not a babysitter” Jack only cares for suspicious characters or criminals , hearing the story ” I told it, we needed some light turrets, but Marko doesn’t want to spend the money, we’re a sitting duck”

Tuning to Ranas” no one is born expert, an no one choose his mission, what about your first one?” say with a smile “ you weren’t older than him I think, sure I wasn’t and im still here” touching with a foot one of the stellar crew “ no thanks to you, Ranas what do we do with them?”

Rowan Storm - Female Human Jedi

~ Destiny's Rest - Living Quarters ~

Rowan slowly makes her way through the station. Walking slowly, she still needs a place where she can safely recover. But where? Her head is spinning and frantically searching for solutions at the same time. She feels a little sick and sometimes the feeling overwhelms her and she has to remain put for a few seconds to regain her breath.

Step by step though, she makes her way towards the door of an old friend. Someone she could trust. Raising her hand, Rowan knocks at the Vizslas' door.

Vallia & Contesa Vizsla

~ Destiny's Rest - Living Quarters ~
Vallia works at getting Contesa settled yet again in the Mandalorian child carrier. This was the third time the little girl had started making a fuss. Based on the fight Contesa was putting up it seemed to be as comfortable as it looked. The thing was thicker than most armor and had its own atmosphere control. It wasn't exactly heavily padded, and only had to a small window to see in or out of when it was sealed. Contesa was wrapped up so when it was worn on the back as it was meant to be she would be secure. It was actually more comfortable vertical than horizontal as it was now. Vallia couldn't blame her for not liking it. Still its better than some alternatives...

The new mother looks up from her work at the noise from the front door. The knock at the door wasn't Oln's. Val reaches over and pulls the top of the MCC closed. As soon at it was in placed it automatically sealed and activated the atmosphere control. "Its okay Contesa, I'll be right back."

As she steps away from her child Val pulls her blaster from its holster. Vallia has only just managed to get her armor on, a suit similar to her husbands. The helmet still on the counter though. Though Contesa seemed fine with Oln in a full suit she seemed less accepting of the rarer sight of her mother in one.

Blaster leveled at the door she opens it. It takes only a second for her blaster to lower when she sees who it is. "Rowan, thank the lord your all right." Vallia then gets a better look at the woman. "You look like you should sit down." Vallia motions for the other woman to come in.

~Destiny’s Rest – Cafeteria – Casualty Collection Point ~

Shalkar - Station Doctor of Marko & Family

Application Post

Shalkar helped moved Cali from the repulsorlift to one of the tables that had been covered in a sheet to resemble a bed. He then began to reassess her wounds and looked to the medical droid. “Make yourself useful, assist me with her recovery.” He checks over Cyrian as well, taking his time to make sure both would recover given time and rest to do so. The combat story sounds terrifying and yet exciting, he had never been a very good pilot so he counted himself fortunate he hadn’t been found or asked to tag along.

Cyrian lets himself be checked over with out a fuss. He wasn't injured just a little shaken from the combat. He thinks about the question asked by Ranas for a moment before answering.

"I assume they were raiders of some kind. I'm not sure what they took or why but Marko seemed real hot to get it back."

He gets up and helps the Doctor move Cali to the table.

"What's curious is how did one ship disable all those other ships out there and the Rest as well? Where did those fighters come from?"

Cid moves to help Shalkar, "I will check her over again, though there are no noticeable changes from when you had patched her up. Redundancy does not typically make a great medical process in times like these." Cid wasn't going to not check up on her since asked, but the process seemed like a bit of waste. Cid worked on placing implements for Cali so her vitals and condition could be monitored from a little bit of a distance. "I shall keep a proverbial eye on her so you can continue on."

Thunks grow louder to the captains ears as Cid moves over, power apparently getting slightly strained as the systems are trying to make the most efficient use the remaining charge. "We should have sufficient time for your medical attention now." Cids mechanical tone was terse and curt. The center of the chassis opened up and a credit reader was exposed for the captain.

Zeth Rand
~ Destiny's Rest - Outside Rowans quarter~

Zeth gives the door a lightly knocking, no answers. Wait some time and once again a lightly knocking, still no answer.
Zeth mind starts to spin echoing in his head; Down boy, this is absolutely normal she could be resting just like Jack said she would and not hear you knocking. But that said, these aren't normal times and would you forgive yourself if anything was to happen? Didn't think so. Now go see for yourself.. But. Zeth said to his determined self. What if she just in the shower and I go bursting in like that, there would be no way I could explain that. *Sigh*, isn't that typical that the first time you complain about charging into a woman while she's taking a shower had to be today? Very well then, lend the wall an ear and see for yourself then. Zeth followed the advice, switch his earcomlink to boost any external sounds instead and lend the wall an ear. Nothing, not as much as a dripping sink it was dead silent in there. That was enough, Zeth just had to go inside.

Although the door inside was of course locked and Zeth lacked the experience to slice it open, at least in a computer hacking way. Instead he picked up his toolkit, bended the panal open and shortcutted the security lock. You will thank me later Marko.. Smoke poured out of the panal and the lock realised the door leaving it half-open/hlaf-closed. Inside was a cold pitchblack darkness, the coldness found it's way up Zeth spine and he knew this was the real deal. Slowly, gently he bend down to his boot where he held his blaster and with both hand on the gun he proceed inward.

Rowan Storm - Female Human Jedi

~ Destiny's Rest - Living Quarters ~

As Vallia opens the door, all the wariness in Rowan's face suddenly shows - and yet, the woman tries to compose herself. "I cannot stay long, Vallia." She says. "I'll endanger you and Contessa." The waitress bites her lip. "If I could borrow a blaster that would be all I need. Please don't ask, it's..." Rowan searches for a word. "Difficult. And don't tell Oln, he's to take care of you and I don't want him to worry about me."


Trying to answer Cyrian question" sabotage, it was a well planned attack, not only they were able to pass our security measures carrying explosives but they also knew where to place them, i bet someone got a fat bag of credits to close both eyes, and this someone left or will soon leave the Rest" Jack looks around, the situation seem under control now so he relax a bit"all we can do now is wait and see"


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