A Fresh Start (Group 2, Try 2)

The wizard nods and snaps his fingers once more, the air crackles and arcane energy is very much present in the air. Large purple vortex's appear under there feet, swirling and crackling with energy, it isn't long before you realize that you're free falling. You look down and see nothing but purple and black meeting and concolomerating, separating and fusing.

Biglee your belongings seem to enter from beside you at some point during your fantastical journey.
Blazedart your friend rather confused and a little upset comes from beside you and relaxes as soon as you two meet.

After such an odd journey you can see your cloaked friend appearing at a rapid rate on something that looks like solid ground. However you don't fall down and hit the ground you fall up and land on your feet. Those not used to such an odd pull and odd sensation on your body please make me a fortitude save.

Arrankhar is the only one that won't puke.


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