Stupid DM's ...

Stupid DM's ...

Replaces What was that? thread


So now you're all heightest ... tsk tsk tsk ...

Have only just got home ...

I'll post the results of Gidds' search in the morning ... sorry all, a long long day

Things will be a lot better in the morning


What happened to the ooc... I know are characters aren't all getting along but that doesn't mean we can't still have a chat.

LOL ... busy Friday

I'm going to see England v Fiji at Twickenham tomorrow, so won't post till late tomorrow night -- just letting you know


Eh, I've kinda just been snoozing as much as I could outside of work. I don't know how we got so busy in November of all months, but it happened.

Sorry everybody, busy weekend

Forgot it was rememberance day Sunday yesterday -- and everything that went with it, then we had "people" come over for dinner ...

Ho hum ...

Edited out my slight character / player mix up ... also fixed up a certain players smart*rse way of pointing it out to me


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