7. Ding Dong the (Giant) Witch is dead ...

Gidds, with the assistance of Liame push the southern most doors quietly open, it is dark in there, but grabbing a torch from the dormitory they are able to see that is is a form of cloak room with 15 pegs with young hill giant sized cloaks, hats, gloves and boots below, as well as a couple of the same in "normal" giant size.

There is another set of double doors to the south.

Gidd pushes the door the rest of the way open and grins at Liame "Would these work enough for a surprise" he asks pointing at the cloaks


Liame's eyes twinkle. "Oh, yes! Let's!"

He grabs enough cloaks and hats for each of them.

"What, are they born at 7 feet tall? Surely there are some of the littlest who are our size. Besides, we're not trying to pull off a masquerade; we're just going for the element of surprise. It should take them a few seconds before they realize that there's something wrong, and we can use those seconds to our advantage."

Rolling his eyes, Lakkariel gestures towards the remaining doors to the south.

"Can we just take a look and see what all's in the next room already? The longer we sit here, the more likely it is that somebody's going to come and check up on the little ones. Besides, you're just as liable to trip over the damn cloaks as you are to get any sort of decent surprise out of them."

Giddis rolled his eyes at the Genasi, it wasn't surprising that he'd refute the idea. "Well open the door and walk on in as you are Lakki. I won't stand in your way... I'm gonna wear a cloak, heck I may even stand on someone's shoulders so we can get the height right. Because even a split second is sometimes enough to make the difference." The Halfling flashed his dagger with a antagonistic grin. He knew it probably wasn't wise to provoke Lakkariel, but it was in his nature to do so and he couldn't help himself. Wrapping a cloak around his shoulders, the monk looked around the room. "Does anyone want to be my bottom half?"

"Simple plans are ones that are least likely to fail, Giddis."

Neithardt commented as he grabbed one of the smaller cloaks for himself and began to don it.

"Rather than trying to pass off a complex bluff and land ourselves in a more vulnerable position in a fight, it would be better if you just hid behind the row of taller people as we entered. Besides, we really just ought to be attacking the moment we open the doors anyway, before anyone even has a chance to look at us and wonder why their kids are dressed to go outside in the middle of the night."

With that, he moved near the front of the room again and put a firm grasp on the door, preparing to yank it open. The best way to diffuse another petty squabble would be, perhaps, to simply propel them into action.

"Is everyone ready to attack?"

Giddis gave an imperceptible shrug from beneath the too large cloak. "Perhaps... but lets take a quick look-see first." said the halfling again trying to open the door a crack and take a look.

Fina shakes her head at being offered a cloak and steps forward without it. She does not mind being in the back to hide her presence from the giants, but she does not want to risk tripping up on the overly large garment.

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