I would like to challenge them to Sudoku battles instead of fleshy ones.

It should be assumed that what will follow that post is pornographic, then. With berries.

Thanksgiving craziness: over.
Transition back to work: somewhat over.

Alright, time to settle in to some sort of "normal."

I think we can go from there. As usual, Braiden has really nothing but clothes and daggers. And boots. He loves his boots.

Originally Posted by dauphinous View Post
I think we can go from there. As usual, Braiden has really nothing but clothes and daggers. And boots. He loves his boots.
...and an explanation for how they went from half a day behind to caught up without waking up and nobody in Katar noticing?

Or are we ignoring that?

I'm a little confused, Fuzzy. They were half a day behind, but then they went to sleep. Sam and company woke up early and headed into Shallon City, and I've been particularly vague about what time Braiden and Cady finally escaped the dream world, but since Toby showed up there, it should be assumed that it was late enough to sync up the timelines.

So, I thought I brought everyone together nicely. >_>

Except that Cady and Braiden were supposed to leave early the next morning to do dragonny things.
Originally Posted by Nighteyes5678 View Post
Elenna nodded easily and stood up, rocking on her feet a little to stretch her limbs out. "I'll bully another mage into coming, then. She's still welcome. We don't see her around here as much as we'd like. We're still due for dinner with the King and company, but hopefully, it'll be short. I want to leave tomorrow morning - early."
Our group left after
Helmenites might be early risers, but I was guessing breakfast would be served after sunrise.
breakfast. Then
Originally Posted by Nighteyes5678 View Post
Shelton stopped several times to consult his map and, after a few hours of walking, stopped for a break.
The post-fight time is fuzzy, but the description indicates close enough to noon that determining direction by sun and shadows is difficult.

This is why I'm asking. The timeline lines up fine if you ignore the heir-apparent's desires.

[Edit]One other thing... If the sun rises in the east in this world, then according to the map our group would be earlier in the day than Katar's time and Cady and Braiden would have left Katar even later.[/Edit]

I have plans for Elenna and why she didn't show up at sunrise. I just haven't shared them.


If there are time flaws, then I'm willing to just deal and hand wave them away. If anyone would like a more complicated and involved reason for the difference, then I'm happy to spend the time and effort to come up with that.

It was just bothering me, and it would have until I asked. The answer...Braiden is too worried about Amanda to notice that Elanna didn't show up...and that the servants didn't wake them up either. Cady is too worried about Braiden to notice the time of day at all.

Hiccup in timeline smoothed out. You could have just said ignore it and I would have burried the problem in a plot hole.

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