The Flayed Secondboy (OOC)

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Belar'bryn is the Secondboy of House Camcarneyar, is he not?

JCB: I have only started the Black Company series, as in Book 1. Have you read Steven Erikson? His Malazan Book of the Fallen series seems to be an homage to the style of the Black Company.
Not yet. I've been remiss in my reading of late...something to do with nodding off everytime I try to sit down and read for any length of time.

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Way to kick a man when he's down.......

Also I recently discovered this thread is actually for the flaying of my dignity by means of players and their attempts at wit and humour.
Fixed that for you.

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@ Kenas -- Religion. Bachelors in Theology and Ancient History, Masters in Ancient Religions (focusing on Paleolithic Beliefs up to the founding of the Zoroastrians) , and (hopefully before I get too much older) working on my Doctorate on the role of religion in replacing matriarchal societies.
That sounds quite awesome. When you're done do you think the mods will allow your name to be changed to Dreece?

Probably. Once he figures out how to stop his players from harassing them.

I don't know if you even can change a user name... but no, probably wouldnt want to. Not big on titles.

You most certainly can...

I just realized, our group is missing coders.... Unless your all secretly php wizards....

I'm learning code. But if you remember Rock_DS from the original Menzo, hes brilliant at it.

Technically he's still in this game. Technically I'm also in this game twice, so there is that I suppose. Someone should send him a PM and see if he wants to rejoin us.


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