Age of Heroes (looking for a replacement PC)

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Age of Heroes (looking for a replacement PC)

Age of Heroes - Forum
Mutants and Masterminds
Estimated Members Requested: 1

Posting Date: 11-6-12

Game Description:

I am looking for one more player who is willing to join this Mutants and Mastermind e3 game already in progress. There are numerous options when joining the game but anyone willing to play characters created by other players who have dropped out or one of the undefined NPCs (with respect to powers) will have an advantage. Note that the Origin event has already occurred but the characters available have not yet been very clearly defined in terms of powers and such.
Here is the premise:

A large number of friends were on vacation together with their families near the Dinosaur National Monument in Colorado. On their way home to the East coast they separated from their families for an ATV excursion and encountered something that changed their lives, and the world, forever.

Suddenly they were endowed with super powers previously relegated to the fictional realms of comic books. What they found also has global and political implications beyond the matter of granting the PC’s and a few others their powers.

At the beginning of the game there will be others besides these five that will gain powers in this world, set in current-day America. They will face government agencies (foreign and domestic) trying to control them, super villains trying to control the world, a public afraid they are too powerful to be free in society, and possibly even the adoration of public supporters…all while discovering how to use their powers without hurting innocent civilians.

Players start at PL10 with 160 points to use for character creation.
In addition to those 160 PPs, all characters begin with the following 15 more points of advantages and powers that everyone affected by the event possesses and all have in common. More points can be spent above these to improve them further.

In addition, the event will change the characters even further in terms of morality. There will be a GM-imposed complication in this regard after the event occurs.

Your character will be a hero and will act accordingly when the situations present themselves. This motivation complication will likely change as the game progresses.

The event creates heroes as well as villains. But we will see how things turn out in the end.

Based on past experience for this scenario, there will probably be approximately a 80-20 mix of role-play to combat and much of this depends on the players.

Here is the full-powered PC whose player has dropped: He is a Speedster. Super speed is the only power he has shown so far in the game. The game is very new so nearly every aspect of the character can be altered to suit the new player’s ideas and concepts for the character.

There are also two Top Tier NPCs available that can turn into PCs

Troy Danning, he is a cousin of one of the PCs, Naomi Kennedy. He has revealed some acrobatics, increased ability scores, and some minor jumping powers. Other than that he is pretty much a clean slate to work with to start your character.

Terrence Shaw, he is a relative of another NPC, Corey Brighton. Corey is not available. Terrence teleported out of the opening scenario and that is his only revealed power. So he is also pretty much open to your interpretation.

Commitment: 3-4 posts per week preferred, more if possible.

Feel free to contact me with any questions but I prefer to have all questions on the board for everyone's benefit.


Include the following:
Name, Age and Gender: Aged between 22-26, preferably at the upper end.

List 3 positive qualities and 3 flaws. -

Ruleset[/B] - Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition. (A.k.a. DC Adventures.)

Miscellaneous Character Creation information:

Please keep concepts simple (you could be creative with the execution) and close to the Archetypes found in the material. Don't neglect Defenses.

Thanks for your consideration. Please PM me if you are interested and we can open a discussion from there.

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So the long and short of it is kind of that all the "powered" ups are relatively similar to one another then, in a general sense, and as time goes on the variations and differences between them will start to widen?

I want the characters to be as different from each other as possible, just not in the sense of "Power". One guy turns into energy, another is super fast, another is a classic Paragon, one has wings and heals, one is a mentalist...everyone is very different. But I hope everyone is evenly matched, in terms of combat, at the beginning of the game.

It seems there is not much interest in Speedsters these days. I've got no one interested in Erik Cooper.

I decided that since the games will be so similar it would be best for me not to play in both. Otherwise I would love to play a speedster.

Originally Posted by bloodrever View Post
I decided that since the games will be so similar it would be best for me not to play in both. Otherwise I would love to play a speedster.
If it's any consolation, I'm in both games and I play the psychic in both

How about this:

I know that playing a speedster in this crowd is likely to make the player feel he is under-powered and under-utilized, in essence the player may not enjoy the game as much. How about taking Erik somewhere else, rather than simple speed? The character does not have to fit the "speedster" mold. Can any prospective player find a way to break Erik out of that paradigm and come up with something different, new, and fun to play?

Originally Posted by OgremanSam View Post
I would've been, but in my last GURPS Supers game I played a speedster and he was pretty lackluster.
It seems that Troy Danning just opened up again. I was going with Ryfte but he moved onto Erik Cooper. Can you put more character into your character submission? If you are still interested...?

I agree with Pyske. Your pitch is very readable. Still open to making Terrence Shaw a PC? I've sat on the sidelines long enough.

EDIT: Scratch that. Looks like I missed the boat altogether.

Originally Posted by Lumiere View Post
I agree with Pyske. Your pitch is very readable. Still open to making Terrence Shaw a PC? I've sat on the sidelines long enough.

EDIT: Scratch that. Looks like I missed the boat altogether.
Nope, still looking for applications. Troy Danning still needs some interesting ideas.


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