Comingling and Confluence

Steady Stagnation


Madame Jezebel, White Court Exile and Queen of the Nightwalkers

Kosmas, (Self-Styled) Architect of the Endless Age; aka Councilman Konrad Masters

Character Concept:
High Concept: Full-time Warden, Part-time Necromancer
Adam Crane was exposed to the terrifying power of necromancy when a Black Court Sorcerer used it to condemn his mentor to a slow death. While the magic appalled him, he also caught glimpses from the journals he was tasked to burn afterward of how just a little knowledge of that black art could be used to effortlessly rip apart zombies and theorized that similar necromantic techniques could be used for other "good" purposes. He has since made a detailed study of the art slowly and in secret, quickly becoming the White Council's prime authority on anti-necrotic techniques while knowing all the while that his Black Knowledge would at best place him under heavy suspicion and that, combined with the secrecy of his studies, he would likely be killed immediately if ever found out.

Trouble Aspect: Memories of Dark Power
The memento inherited from his master [which will be another aspect] opened a conduit to something dark in Adam's mind. Whether he draws on the knowledge or not, flashes and impressions of its past owners come unbidden with an odd coherency. They urge him to use both his power and knowledge freely (general magic, necromancy in particular, anything that will give him control over others) and without regard for consequences as well as to indulge in the cold comfort of retribution, not matter how small the slight. So far Adam has remained the master of his own mind, but sequestering the memento did not immediately stop the memories, and the knowledge and power it provides has proved far too useful to give up completely. It seems that the evil images will remain a fact of life for the young Warden.

Theme:Dragons Hoard

Threat:Clashing of Powers


Bryan McCloud

William Sclavusdraco

PC:Talathel Sclavusdraco

Tristan Eiger Alepoe

ThemeFor All Things There is a Season:
First came the season of Growth; life and prosperity in ample measure
for the folks of Stillwater.
Then came the season of Struggle; as the multitudes of the super-nature
played their games and weaved their tangles of intrigue.
But lastly comes, as it always must... the season of Death...
One need only look upon the growing incidence of mortal death,
both by mundane cause or "other", to see that a change is on the wind...
Consider then, how each year fewer children are born to the happy families
of Stillwater, as if nature herself knows not to waste her gift here.
Though the beings of power may continue to make their plays as they might,
at the last even the immortals will have to concede, Death will not be denied.
ThreatSomething Wicked this way comes:
A dark fate looms above the city, casting it's long shadow. And even now, as the restless dead, mortal necromancers, and other, less savory connoisseurs of death make their way toward Stillwater, a far darker, and as yet unrevealed evil awaits it's grand entrance. All that remains is for the curtain to rise and the door to open...
NPC 1Albert Shiff:
Albert is Sexton (Grounds Keeper) for both St. Michaels Cathedral, and it's neighboring cemetery. Albert is aware that things 'that don't make no common sense' are going on in his town, but doggedly refuses to let that get in the way of his work. Albert is a long time fixture of Stillwater, and knows most everyone.
High Concept: Crotchety Old Font of Folk Wisdom and Local Gossip.
Motivation: Every one should know everyone else's business 'cause "Thats how it was in my day"
NPC 2Tessa Walters:
A staff reporter for the local paper. Tessa would like nothing so much as to cover human interest stories about Impoverished youth and the plight of the local miners. Unfortunately, with the loss of so many staff members in the last few months, her editor has been assigning her some rather major and frankly unsettling stories.
High Concept: Plucky Young Reporter Without a Clue
Motivation: Persue every story, no matter how scarry... The next one might be her big break.
Character'Eggs' / Tristan Eiger Alepoe
'Eggs' is a chronically depressed young man. A runaway since he was 12, he has traveled around the Carolinas, avoiding the system, his estranged parents, and any steady relationships. Eggs has also found brief respites from his depression by staging elaborate fake suicides, often before leaving an area. Unknown to him for a time, was the fact that the inspiration for these suicides (and in part the source of his depression) were sporadic visions of violent deaths. While he has since come to terms with these visions, their impact upon his character remains. Over the last year or so, he has begun to become obsessed with witnessing these deaths first hand (having discovered that his visions will often precede the actual event by a day or more).
A recent vision drew him to the coast of Georgia, to the tourism community of Stillwater. Eggs was greatly troubled by the grisly death he witnessed, and in a moment of utter despair (and no small amount of irony), attempted to take his own life. It was as he lay dying from self inflicted wounds, that the Lady Siobahn, Queen of the High House of Death, made herself known. She had taken a passing interest in young Tristan since his arrival in Stillwater, having noted in his rather bleak outlook and preternatural affinity with death, a possible resource. More for amusement at first than any compassion, she took him in and enlightened him as to the true nature of things. She also helped foster his latent ectomantic talents. When she felt he was ready (or ready enough to cause trouble), he was bestowed with the feathered mantle of death, and the named Knight and Herald of the House of Death... He is still trying to figure out what all this means, but he has had little time to remember to be depressed.
High Concept: Troubled Youth, Desperate to find his Life's Calling
Trouble: You can Sleep when your Dead
Recent events not withstanding, Tristan's emotional state is desperate. It is only the constant stimulation of the supernatural events unfolding around him that have staved off further suicide attempts.

Dreams of Whispers

Homeless Network:

Maus Lear - prominent member of the homeless community.

Kenan Vinni - A political activist who can see the truth.


Don Edificante and Kenneth Mendez

Here Goes...


RTJ Return to Stillwater

Raul Anselm
High Concept: Ogre-kin Reprobate
Trouble: Blood Ties

RTJ Return to Stillwater

Mathis Elias Witold Anselm
High Concept: Mage Heir of Witold
Trouble: Bound by Blood

prof cephalopod's APP

THEMELet it be known there is a fountain - Deep within the swamps on the outskirts of Stillwater lies a cave hidden from seeking eyes and questing hands, this cave is a locus of power . . . A convergence of unnatural energies. . . . And within it's cavernous depths lies a fountain. . . A fountain that was not crafted by the hands of men. . .

The fountain draws searchers intrinsically . . . Those whom want the vitality that it offers, the power it could represent, or to solve the unanswered questions posed by it's very existence. . . For this reason the fountain is hidden and watched over by those who've tasted the waters . . .

The last time the fountain was seen by mortal eyes was in 1521. . .the year of Ponce De Leon's death from a supposed poisoned arrow wound. One of his compatriots in his search for the fountain survives to this day. . . Eternal life weighs upon those with a guilty conscience . . . It twists them. . . The guardian has abandoned his post. . .

The fountain is open it's veils dropped, the draw now more powerful then ever. . . .it's power leaches into the swamps and Stillwater itself. . .causing "strange" occurrences . . . And drawing "stranger" still visitors to the fair town.

High house life and high house death tied to the very forces the fountain manipulated now sense it's presence for the first time as more than a mere "disturbance". . . It's unveiling rings out a klaxon call to all of those who are tuned to the frequency . . .

THREATThere is a road, Between the dawn and the dark of night - legend tells of an old dirt crossroads the intersection of Jutaculla road and Black Hill run, that if you make an offering in the witching hour you'll have a wish granted for a price.

In truth this crossroad is near one of the last lodges ( earthly home/ gate to their demesne) of the Nn'h native wild fey who have been driven into seclusion over the years by the more powerful courts and houses. . . And they have for the last 60- 70 years or so been seeking to regain power and undermine the great houses and courts.

The old powers of the land have sensed a change . . . An emergence of power, power up for grabs in the area of Stillwater so now they come once again from their hidden lodges into the woods and swamps of their people since time immemorial to strive for a foothold . . . The Yunwi Tsunsdi, the Raven Mockers, and the Nunnehi are about once again and searching for something, anything to grant them a chance . . .

The Nunnehi of Jutaculla road have stayed as strong as they could while remaining under the radar of the new powers the courts and houses. . . They've fed on favors and fears there while waiting for years . . . And now others of their kind have come to their lodge. . .

Some say the wilds along Jutaculla road and Black Hill run are haunted . . . . But they're wrong the truth is worse . . .

THREATDarkness falls, and seasons change - Summer and Winter have left Stillwater to the lesser courts and to the Houses. . They have not forgotten it not will they waive their rights to the town a rising power in the supernatural world. . .

To that end . . .messengers and emissaries have begun to show up in Stillwater treaties, and gifts in hand and threats upon their lips. .

How will the supernatural powers of Stillwater respond?

Will their be war?

-Wes Iskuli-

The Pitch: Wes Iskuli is the heir apparent to the skunk ape tribe. . . He is now on his trial, a vision quest to find insight and prove his viability for chiefdom . . . .

Traveling the country he searches for meaning and wisdom before returning to his people to take up the mantel of chief. . . The beast rages within him but he is learning to think with clarity and use logic and instinct together. . . .he has grown to love the world of men though he knows he must return to his people he has yet to find his sign . . So he quests still. The gods will tell him when it is his time to return

For now he heads to a growing town in Georgia name Stillwater, a town where the supernatural energies and te tension are tangible thrumming against his very skin. If his quest is to end why not in this place?
Wes is of average height, and whip chord thin looking to be crafted entirely out of knotted sinew and tendon covered with leathery skin, while in nature he roams free in buckskins a vest and his vestments of a wiseman and ruler, amongst the mundane he wears plain boots jeans, and plaid with a leather vest. . . Though he keeps his traditional hair style . . . Which does draw looks from many he encounters. .

In his skunk ape form he is broad and muscular topping out at 10 ft. His fur is. Mottled grey with silver and white coloring his back much like a silverback gorilla and white stripes across his muzzle. . . His flesh where visible is tough and black having the consistency of the pad on a dogs foot.
Wes is a quiet and contemplative man who works hard to stay in control of his instincts and any situation he's in. He however is quick to judge and to act when apropriate he brooks no offense and cannot stand those whom act without honor or do not provide for and protect their own. . . He smiles often though and tries to be a good man. But he is a hard man prone to distrust and to seeing the worst in people. . . It is part of his quest to think better of people and to judge less.

The High Concept: Questing Skunk Ape Chieftain: Wes is on a quest for clarity, vision, and control before accepting his mantle as chief of the skunk ape tribe. . . He seeks to control his nature, to gain wisdom and understanding, and to find his vision a sign of his quests completion and his readiness fr his role. He is leader of men and a skunk ape from tribe that time has forgotten
Invoke: while seeking wisdom, or using his leadership skills
Compel: when he believes his quest is leading him somewhere, not necessarily productive to his mundane goals, when he feels he must exert his leadership.
The Trouble: Lord of The Savage Hunt: prey is to be hunted . . . Weakness taken advantage of. . The skunk apes are descended from The cherokee lord of the hunt Tsul'Kalu and as such have the instincts of a born hunter. . . Beastial and savage. These urges are present even in human form and rule the skunk ape unless mastered through rigor and discipline. . . It seeps even into the social interactions and day to day lives of the shifters. . . Making them come across as brutal, terse, and cold hearted at times. They take advantage of the weak, jump on mistakes and missed opportunities at any given chance. . . They do not respond well to challenges, and may not even recognize those they consider to be weak or prey. . . . And please , please never run from one. . .
Invoke: when tracking, hunting, or establishing dominance
Compel: any time the hunters instincts would be counterproductive or socially unacceptable

Balance of Power

Blood in the Water


Esperanza Lawrence: Dutchess of the Red Court

Bishop Kennedy

Character Concept:

Currently I am interested in playing a Knight of the Cross or simply Holy warrior. I have two concepts in mind for this character.

1) A Knight of the Cross who has previously, but briefly, possessed a Denarian coin but did not accept the deal presented by the demon. He turned down the creature at the time and managed to defeat the Denarian, but the fallen Angel latched onto a doubt in his mind. The warrior is still haunted by the creature, whose image still occupies his mind and torments him with offers of assistance and power in an attempt to convince him to abandon his path and walk quite a different one.

2) A Knight of the Cross who has only recently accepted his mantle, after going through seminary school to become a Priest. He is a character with a dark past that has pushed him to be a hero and accepting that there are many paths that can be traveled but the road to hell is paved with the best intentions.

He was posted to assist at Church that was experiencing financial woes and was close to closing. As he searched for ways to save the church, the young Knight was introduced to a Bishop that offered to help and introduced him to criminals that wished to store drugs in the church basement but would pay for the opportunity. The young Knight accepted, knowing no other way to save the church. Weeks later, the church's priest discovered the stash and was killed by the criminals before he could go to the Priest and the young warrior returned to find the Priest dying and took his final confession.


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