OOC 1: Oldok Village

Hrmm.. Leon could step it up if Zednik got hurt!

It would take some adjusting and a few encouraging words from his father, and BAYUM!
Instant leader.

Sorry for the lack of posting, guys. I got an unexpected chance to jump on a lease on an apartment I wanted, so I've been working on that while getting my current place in suitable condition for showing potential new renters. I'll try and have something up tonight.

Man, moving is a lot harder when you own more than a twin bed and a couple of milk crates...

BTW, I hope you don't mind that I kinda took the liberty of describing why Zednik isn't coming with us. I can change it if it doesn't work.

Oh dang it, did I not post? I thought I had... maybe I did and it didn't go through or maybe I dreamed I had. I'll remedy it tonight.

EDIT: Make that the afternoon of this day. Something came up and I couldn't get to it in time, and I have to get up early. I've got all afternoon tomorrow though.

I'm pretty sure we never made a decision before that happened.

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