I Shall Brief You Only Once. Ok, Twice.

Vera-B waves the docbot off, "No surgery will be necessary. I just had something in my eye. It is gone now. Thank you for your concern."

She then addresses Carmen-R curiously, "Nooo, there is no special outfit. Your standard Troubleshooter reflec should be adequate.

And Eric-R, is there some reason you retain Carmen-R's muticorder?

"Very good, citizen Vera-B. I am available if the situation changes." Various blades and scalpels disappear back into K-W4C-K's body.

What? Oh, right-right, sorry, forgot all about it; thank you, higher-clearance citizen,was too excited by our mission.
Here, Carmen-R, your multicoder - safe and sound. And spotless-clean!
Eric-R returns the device back and salutes Vera-B.

"Hang-on! As the designated worker for equipment maintenance, I must ask to check the device for flaws! It's been through quite a bit by now!" George puts his toolkit down, opens it up, and lays out a couple gadgets in preparation. He looks over to Carmen, expectantly.

Basil nods, approvingly, combing his moustache with the Computer-approved moustache comb.
"As soon as that is checked we proceed to Outfitting."

Nigel looks around at his companions, "Be sure to do your duty with a smile, George. You wouldn't want Friend Computer to think you were anything but its friend, right?"

Thank you Eric it looks better than before. Carmen smiles widely at George wishing she could just have her camera back. Of course George we will all want to look our best and the equipment should be perfect.
Carmen hands her camera over.

The briefing completed the Troubleshooters are ushered through a door marked 'Outfitting'. Once through the door the Troubleshooters are left alone and the door locks behind them. There is another door on the other side of the room. The outfitting department appears to be a large vending machine. There’s a post-it note on the front. ‘Sorry, had 2 go. Mission credits on card. Buy A1, B2, C3and D4.’ There is, indeed, a credit card stuck to the note.



As George enters the area with the rest of the team he hands the camera back to Carmen. "Take care, now. You might want that cleaned again by the Hygene Officer. he says with a smile.


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