A New Day

"Alright, L.T.," Garcia agrees. "We'll take the lead and you guys stay a half a block back in case we have to back out, alright?" He hands the M4 over to Bart and checks his Beretta before turning around and heading into the city.

He headed north, staying on Swamp road as it changed names. When it dead ended, he took the right going straight north. Walkers were scarce at first, wandering aimlessly when sighted. They became more common as Garcia passed a commercial building. Perhaps two dozen or more (that could be seen) were gathered around this building parking lot. Garcia then passes over railroad tracks and enters a residential area. Single family homes on half acre lots are the standard in this area. Walkers abound here and hundreds are wandering around the neighborhood. They are attracted by the movement of the vehicles and begin sauntering toward the road where the group is travelling.

Further up the road there is another railroad track and Garcia crosses it into what looks like the downtown area. As he makes a turn onto a downtown street, the road ahead is covered with walkers. They turn their heads at the truck and begin moving toward it. There are perhaps a thousand of them. Garcia throws the truck into reverse and begins backing toward Amy in the Jeep.
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All Bart can do is look over to Garcia and say with facial expressions, "Oh no." As he begins to back up Bart does a quick check of all his weapons ensuring if he needs them they're ready. Slinging the M4 on his body he pulls the charging handle back slightly to ensure there is a round in the chamber.

Jolting the truck as Amy slams on the breaks, Amy's eyes widen at the sea of walkers. Her mind quickly internalized an expletive that she thankfully did not utter. The next thing she knows the taillights on Garcia's truck fire on and the truck begins to reverse.

"You've got to be kidding me," Amy curses to herself as she throws the gear in reverse as well and begins to back track the way she came, hoping that one of the military men had a back up plan.

As Bart finishes checking Garcia's M4, he looks up at the approaching hoard. A door opening on a building to the south catches his eye and he sees a woman burst out and run towards the truck. Garcia is still backing up and doesn't see her. Another person comes through the door but the walkers have moved in and as he tries to fight one off two more grab him and pull him to the ground. Many more are attracted to this and begin to descend on the spot. One of the three walkers lifts it's head and Bart can see blood and gore smeared on it's face while it chews on a piece of flesh torn from the still struggling body of the man. Someone steps to the door and slams it closed, the closed blinds swinging back and forth.

Amy, like Garcia, is looking back over her shoulder and so doesn't see the woman run out. Danny does, however, and puts a hand on Amy's arm. "Wait," he says.
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Startled when Danny places a hand on her shoulder, Amy jumps in her seat for a moment as she stops going in reverse. Turning her attention back to the scene in front of her, she catches sight of the woman running toward Garcia's truck and the mob of walkers near the door.

Amy doesn't say anything, at least out loud, as her mind begins to yell for the woman to run faster to Garcia's truck.

"Garcia STOP!" Bart shouts, "There's a woman over there!"

[Assuming Garcia slows to a stop]
Bart jumps out of the truck, climbs into the bed and takes aim using the cab as a shooting platform while shouting for the woman to hurry up. There seemed to be enough distance between her and the sick but in case there wasn't Bart was ready to fire.

Garcia stomps the brake as Bart exits the truck. "What the...." he mutters as he looks out to see the woman running and then turning her head to see her companion. When she sees him bourne to the ground she stops and begins screaming. Her friend lifts his head and reaches for her. A walker takes this as an invitation to dine and promptly bites his arm. Garcia slams the truck in park and jumps out to help her before anyone can think, the sergeant is grabbing her by the shoulders.

"For the love of God," Amy exclaims witnessing Garcia's & Bart's heroism - or stupidity, depending on the outcome - she places her own vehicle in park before turning to Danny, "You think we should help them?"

Danny is about to answer Amy's question when he looks out his side window to see two advancing walkers. "Shit," he mutters and starts rolling down his window. "Hold your ears, kids!" he says as he aims at the closest one.

Garcia grabs the woman around the waist and begins dragging her back to the truck. The walkers, however, have honed in and seem to be more focused, moving quicker.

Bart, scanning from the bed of the truck can see a lone figure, a girl, on top of the building that the woman and her ill fated companion just left.
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As Bart let off a few rounds into the walkers coming toward Garcia he shouts out, "There's a woman on the roof, get back in the truck and make your way around the block. I'm heading over there to see what I can do."

As he moves toward the alley between the buildings he calls out to the woman, shouting to run along the edge of the building to the other side.

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