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I'm set to go with Kyito on his ambitious plan.
I had also put out the idea of scoping out Peel's office...
It just feels that we may need narrative momentum to get us started from this slump.
If you and Quixotico confer about his intended actions,
you could narrate up to the first skill check or RP.
I can even RP about it taking too long to get going and move ahead with the office,
I just want to make sure everyone is still involved.
Just my other 2cr.

Here goes some Star Ocean's 11...

Kyito and Mykl are going to go talk to Peel, dressed in nicer clothes (though different from what they're wearing). Using a couple of fake electronic IDs, Kyito will pass himself off as the brother of the Twi'lek that was at the crime scene, claiming to be seeking to bring him home. He'll offer up information to Peel to help apprehend him under the conditions that he'll be unharmed and allowed to leave with Kyito back to Ryloth. Mykl is Kyito's bodyguard and tracker.

The information Kyito offers will tie the rogue Twi'lek to two of the larger criminal organizations, which one he's not certain. But, it will focus the Imperial's attention against the larger threat and put Kyito in good favor, especially with the promise of a private reward for Peel, from Kyito's family coffers.

Kyito will be milking Peel for information about what the Imperials are doing about outbound ships, as he doesn't want to miss his brother. This will give us knowledge about what to avoid.

The others will need to find and secure transport off the planet, by any means possible.

So we have the first group, I'll call it the "Con" group, and the second group, I'll call it the "Heist" group.

"Con" Group: Kyito, Mykl, R2-V8 (for IDs)

"Heist" Group: Kiko, Vek, R2-V8 (for Mechanics)

Sounds pretty good actually, here's how I'll run things.

I like this plan, I'm a fan of this plan.
I get to stand around and look stern! Go plan!
(And assuming I can't hurt the skill check, I can try to 'Aid Another')

P.S. What do you think of my new posting format?
(If Mr. beeblebrox says it's ok, I could make one for everyone.)

[offtopic]Personally, I usually find the effort of adding the code for it isn't worth it. But if everyone wants to, I'm fine with it. Just don't expect me to make one for every NPC, you know?[/offtopic]

The white background looks weird, but that's easy to scrap.

I thought we weren't allowed to make post formats OuO .
You just made my day.

Yeah I know I was pretty anal about that earlier. I'm just trying to keep things moving now! Consistency is really what I was shooting for, and if everyone wants to use the fieldsets, than who am I to say no?

EDIT: But what do you think about the plan stuff?!?!

Formats do a surprising amount towards keeping me interested in a game. What can I say? I'm vain.
It's a creative expression thing for me.

The con plan sounds good d(O u O)b .
I love how the girls are together and the boys are together XD .

Hmmmm.... what should Vek and Kiko do? Vek is going to want to take the most direct course of action available.

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