One: Reassignment

"My parents or brother might know something. They've been Gatekeepers longer than I have," Melanie says between sips of her juice. "As for me infiltrating, I don't think it'd work. My family's last name is known as Gatekeepers, and I'm a terrible liar anyway." She gives them a big smile at this, making that truth all the more pronounced.

"If neccessary I think I could pass as a mercenary, though I'm worried that the Feathers already know our faces so we will need a good cover story for whoever goes inside" Mia said "Unless someone is good enough at disguises?"

"We're focusing too much on infiltrating, and it appears that is the most difficult course of action. What would you say about tracking nad hunting? With the information we could get from the Lieutenant and our sources it could be enough for a starting point." she offered as an alternative course of action

Thinking a little bit more Geoff replies, "I say we gather information from any and all sources. This includes any contacts we have, the lieutenant, and an informant or two. Then, based on the information, we either infiltrate or strike and strike hard, maybe the first than the second."

He then takes a sip of his drink waiting for the others' responses.

"If we do that, let's split up," Melanie suggests. "We'll get more facts that way. I can find my family without anyone else, and I'm sure the same goes for your contacts."

Dendara takes a seat and snorts at her companions' choice of beverages. She retrieves a heavy mug of beer and knocks it against Geoff's before taking a swig.

"And you think our armor will give us away?"

She takes another drink and sits back, planting her foot on the chair beneath her so that her knee is pulled close to her body.

"The way I see it, all of these plans require us getting someone into the Iron Feathers. We can't just put an advert out looking for an informant. It would be as effective as wandering the streets in full Swords regalia. We need a man, or woman, on the inside first. Someone to take stock, gather information, and find weak points."

She takes another drink, pressing her lips together as she considers.

"Geoff, if your man has a location, we could simply sneak in and investigate, or failing the skills to make that happen, simply kick in the door. The problem is, if we're caught, the element of surprise is blown. Our initiative will be known and it will be much more complicated to make any further attempt to find our way in. No, if he could inform us of the general recruitment process, find a way to get access without raising alarms... I'd be happy to go."

Nodding to Dendara Geoff says, "Here's what I am thinking. We find someone, either a known informant that the lieutenant or my buddy knows or someone who knows the ways of the syndicate, to give us information on how to get into group. We would use that info to have me become part of them and, with her permission, maybe Dendara could come in separately as a love interest of a local leader."

Taking another sip he adds, "Just my two coppers."

"I just want to be something forward here. Surely if the lieutenant has a informant within the syndicate, action would have already been taken? Maybe your buddy, yes. And while the two of you, or only one of you, are infiltrating, if you get that far, what will the other three of us do? Twiddle our thumbs? Follow bread crumbs? Search dusty tombs. Once you are in it will be very hard to contact the outside. If we are going to do this we need everything, and I mean everything, planned out." The little halfling took a deep breath after speaking, sitting back with folded arms and watching the others skeptically with dark eyes. She then procceeded to sip her drinking, glancing around with raised eyebrows.

"That is a given Saph, we cannot risk this" commented Mia nodding "And you're right about the informant, but we need an information source.

We will need to stay out ofthe watchmen for the duration of the investigation. The feathers cannot suspect we're members. Maybe the ones that are not inside can pose as wandering merchants, or even travelers. That way it wold be natural for them to be just around and we ca nkeep collecting information. Wecan even set up chain of information through the other merchants. I know some of them that we could trust"

Dendara takes another drink, smiling at Geoff.

"Oi. Somebody been reading my file?"

She smirks, listening to the others.

"Just because only one or two of us are infiltrating does not mean we don't need a support network. What Mia says makes sense..."

She cuts off before saying 'for once', instead burying her nose in her tankard.

"If you're worried about communication, I'm sure we could scrounge up some magical way to communicate. I'm no specialist, but I've heard of ways that can be used to communicate over short distances throguh thought."

"Yeh, I guess," Saphira shrugged with a slight, almost tired sigh as she glanced up at the ceiling before taking another drink. "But if anyone needs any controlled explosions, just ask me. Well, on second thoughts don't. Any explosions I make won't be controlled." She shrugged with a slight smirk, going back to her drinking. "Oh, also I've been told I'm a good liar. Not sure if its true or not, though."


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