House Rules

There will be a few house rules for this game. They are as follows:

Upon swearing your vows, each character will receive the benefit Brother of the Night's Watch for free (if you're a pre-existing member, you gain this for free at character creation). We'll be using a revised version of the benefit, presented here. However, only the Ranger and Steward options are available for characters.

Your status is limited by your role within the structure of the Watch. New recruits have Status 2, pre-existing members may have a Status of 2 or 3, and veteran members/commanders may have a Status of 3 or 4.

If you'd like to play a veteran member or have a command role, you must be at least Middle Aged. In addition, you may not be a wildling or foreigner. If you'd like to play a pre-existing member, you may not be a wildling or foreigner.

Each character receives a free Heritage or Fate benefit at character creation as is appropriate to their background. You must meet all requirements for this benefit.

Benefits from the Night's Watch supplement are available. If you'd like to play a wildling character but don't have access to it, PM me with the details of which tribe you come from and I'll present you with your options.

Abilities may NOT be reduced to 1.