Out Of Character

80 seems to get me a Slam. Dunno that'll be enough to put down Iron Mike...

...oh, fudge. This guy wouldn't happen to be Mike Tyson, would it?

No, the name you heard him referred to as was "Mike Franklin" - nothing in that name rings a bell to you or any of your teammates!

Sorry for delays - I have partially been waiting for others to say something before I do, partially thinking of how to capitalize on the win, and partly ... saw no activity in the game, so let it slide. -.-

What do you roll for initiative 1d10+ what intuition rank section correct so 40 would be 7 or 8 depending. It has been a while I forget.

You get a plus equal to the number of ranks abouve Typical in inuition. I had to ask too. But the GM lives with me so...

yeah thanks Energy star I thought so.

Blackbird put in his action already, yes? Blast!

Happy Holidays etc...

Merry Christmas, Season's Greetings, and Happiest '13 true believers! Maybe Seizmic will be meeting you soon enough???

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to everyone as well!

I don't know why the other heroes haven't bumped into Seizmic yet...you're all in the same place...just separated by about 40 years in time!

What? No rifle for the man?


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