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We just happen to be fast; I don't expect people to keep up better than twice a week. I just happen to have time on my hands, and so--apparently--do GabrielLong and Wolf Lord. Please, stay. Since I expect that the party will be frequently apart from each other, I can play with pacing with for each character. I really do not expect all of you to have the free time I currently have; I just believe in being prompt to respond if I can.

Ditto what Prestar said. Stick around. The character is interesting and I'm curious to see exactly how he is going to pan out once the Cylons hit.

Be a few days...

I am currently house-sitting for a friend until after 12NOV2012. They very kindly have lent me both the extensive food supplies (yeah variety) and their computer. Unfortunately, they didn't realize you have to disable the 'Parental Controls' on Mac guest accounts (I prefer Windows for play and Linux for work, myself) and--for reasons known only to itself--those 'controls' are throwing conniption fits over the entire IC thread, along with the occasional page of the OOC thread. Thus, no IC responses will be happening until at least 13NOV. Please, go to town amongst yourselves, and if you have questions, ask. I will around, putting up the rest of the background entries as well as an ad for at least four to eight new PCs.

Any concerns or issue needing immediate action?


GabrielLong or Wolf Lord, would please you PM me a copy of Adama's run-down of the Marine Corporals, as well the chunk with the images for them? I wrote my off-line notes anticipating access to the thread, and didn't write down which Corporal I paired with what specialty. Damn 'Parental Controls'!

Sorry I haven't been on - things have been a little crazy/odd at home, so I haven't been getting online for much more than emails and skype with my kids. I'll see about getting you that stuff soon, if you haven't already Prestar. And I'll be posting IC tomorrow, or something. We'll see.

I sent it out already, Gabriellong, so I thought I'd give you a heads up just to save you the time. I know all about spending time with the kids. It's all good.

I take it that you are still looking for players?
And as I noticed civilians could be okey I ask if you would be in any use of a doctor?
Also I must say I don't have the book(s) yet but will be starting with a character as soon as I get a hold on any.

Finally done! Please comment.

Okay finally finished up my app. Have to say, with so many characters having the "Lustful" complication I guess they'll be expanding the fleet one baby at a time...

all depends on the strength of the complication and the target. Lustful doesn't always just refer to lust for a physical partner.

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