I Shall Brief You Only Once. Ok, Twice.

Basil carefully checks for the color of the inking of the post-it, and the color of the paper itself.

Betty-R prods Basil on the shoulder, "Everything is in order?"

Basil nods curtly and retrieves his equipment using the credit card.
"Team, follow my example and let's get going."

Carmen happily accepts her camera, turns it on and starts to film her team. Quickly she snaps it off and walks over to Eric, lets just straighten you up, shall we?
She starts adjusting his clothing to suit her, whether his clothes are askew in reality or in her mind is a mystery.

Backing up she turns it back on, there you all look great.

Gee, Carmen-R, thanks! Friend Computer doesnt make just anyone a Hygeine Officer. Eric-R proudly says, hitting everyone around with a wave of foul stench from his rotten teeth.

As Carmen-R turns on her muticorder the second time it fails to record. Instead a commercial is played over it for all to hear.

Basil takes a step towards Carmen-R.
"Team member, explain the contents of this piece of communist propaganda or be ready to be vaporized."
He begins to unholster his laser gun.


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