Chapter 1

The ship lurches a little as you enter hyperspace, although it seems to have done it easier this time than before.

Coming out of hyperspace near the planet it looks green, tan, and blue indicating probably forests, deserts, and water all intermingled together.

When you decide to land you find a spot in the desert near the forests edge or you can find a spot in the forest to land, your choice.

"By all means. Let's get moving. I need some more parts for my Deece. She needs all kinds of TLC." Hadirak grinned as he patted his rifle.

Churrr'Ipa offers to tweak/tune up Deece if the bount hunter will let him during the trip

As they come out of hyperspace the jawa voices his opinion.
Let's land as close as we can to the droid coordinates, just in case we need a hasty departure. Definitely we should not land near any settlements.

Aspar listens to the chirping of his small companion and likes his logic.

"I agree my friend. Should we need to leave in hurry, shorter distances are preferred."

Aspar begins his
Knowledge: Space Transports Roll:
Dice Roll:
3d6+1 1d6et
d6 Results: 2, 6, 1 (Total = 10)
d6 Results: 3
Sum Total: 13
decent to set the ship down in a clearing in the forest.

You find a clearing about a Kilometer away from where the droid says the location is.

You land the ship with no problems as well. The atmosphere looks to be breathable, which your sensors confirm, and it's a jungle.

As the ship comes to rest Churrr'Ipa went through his usual checklist of engine maintainance. When he was content that the ship was all set he joined the others at the ramp. As the ramp descended and sunlight flooded into the ship Churrr'Ipa said
Hey, I just realized, wasn't that duros some kind of big game hunter? I sure hope whatever he was hunting here isn't around here.

Ion gun
Med pac (2 from ships locker)
T12- newly programmed and restraining bolted
pack out

"Don't start crying Chirp. We got a job to do." The whine of a charging blaster coils filled the air after Hadirak checked the weapon's charge. "Ain't no creature he was hunting can't be taken down by well placed blaster fire."

Erich checked the medpacks before storing them in his gear. No sense in risking the chance that he was low on anything before they went out.

He shifted the holdout blaster he was given on his hip. He made sure it was on the 'stun' setting and hoped he wouldn't have to use it. Taking it meant he wouldn't have to hear complaints about going unarmed, not that he had fired a weapon since, well, a very long time.

"All ready here," he told the others.

Aspar joined the others on the ramp and headed down to the forest floor. His coat blew in the breeze, as he looked around the planet.

"Let's head towards the location and make haste. I don't know what this planet is famous for, but I second previous sentiments and hope the big game does not find us."

He steps out into the woods and begins to head towards their goal.

Getting out of the ship you are in the clearing of a jungle, that just fits the ship. You are looking into the forest and it's a bit dark inside because of the tight canopy, your sure nobody would be able to see you from above once your inside.

Heading into the forest you let your eyes adjust a bit, and start moving through the forest, but it's slow going.

Shadows play with your eyes, and the creaking of the trees mess with your ears.

What do ya'll do?

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