A Whole New World (Group 1, Try 2)

Nisha the Huntress
Current Hp: 69 of 69
Status: None

Nisha's eyebrows rise in mild surprise when Nuxokog admits to being unfamiliar with the elven language though it isn't obvious why. Her eyes do narrow almost imperceptibly at the sound of the exotic infernal, but it is quickly covered by a friendly smile as she blurts out in common, "I find myself having to apologize once again. I should have given greetings in the common tongue and not have been so arrogant as to assume all spoke elvish. I thank you for your gracious invitation and accept with gratitude. As I had attempted to convey my name is Nisha and I am a hunter and woodland guide in my native lands." The elven woman makes a small bow and offers a polite smile for any others who looked as though they had also been unable to understand her initial greeting.

A simple hand is waved by the wizard and two bodies disappear. The one who screamed to leave and the other who only appeared for a moment to vanish. "I apologize, I must have brought one extra along that wasn't on my list, as well your friend is now safe." he looks over at most of the peoples frightened faces. "What is wrong?"

Nuxokog shrugs. "While you were gone, an emissary of the dragons approached, stating they were beginning a campaign of conquest. He then... Did something to terrify us. We are just now regaining our composure." He sighs. "This may mean war has come to the new world, after all."

The large reptilian figure passes his gaze over the group one at a time while they are speaking. Whether the creature understands anything at all is not exactly understood.

Then again, the spiked ridges rise a bit when the Strix, Nuxokog, speaks in the multitude of languages. Immediately afterward he finally speaks in that harsh, gutteral draconic language, "The languages here are foreign to me, but you speak the one I do know. What is this place, winged one, and why has the masked one brought us here through these odd portals?"

The strix replies, also in Draconic, to the reptile. "This is our village, in the realm of Invictus. I do not know why Vetrix brought you here, but I suspect he works for Invictus. And my name is Nuxokog, by the way." In common, he continues, "My name is Nuxokog, for those to whom I have been too rude to introduce myself."

Jax's attention is thankfully caught by the newcomers and the woman speaking. It provides a welcome distraction from the dragon and those who were just taken away. He recognizes the woman's first tongue and responds in the same kind. "Elven" He nods to everyone else and says in Common, "Welcome to the party."

In common the Aasimar answers to all that can hear him. "You may call me Zegram and this..." he pauses for a moment staring at his eidolon then continues " my Eidolon Zell. You would be right about the masked one Nuxokog, he did mention that our host wanted us in this village and the only host I can think of is Invictus."

He continues to take in the new face's around him this is an even more different group then the one he had just come from.

The half-dragon inclines his head slightly, continuing to speak in the Draconic tongue, "The masked one, who I take it is this Vetrix you speak of, told us that it was his master's will that we be taken here from the other place we had found ourselves in. It was another, however, who revived me from the injuries sustained before I came to this plane of existance. I am called Mazurek. I will need a translator to know what everyone is saying, for even the most basic tongues are stripped from my mind whenever I am sucked through portals not created by mundane magics. I do hope, as well, that I am not intimidating anyone with how large I am, considering how..small..everyone else is to myself."

It would be about that moment that the large beast's belly gurgles very, very loudly, bringing about a grimace while he looks down to it and...speaks to it, "Oh shut up. You can go for another day without sustenance."

"Well this is odd, I would have for sure thought that another would rise up sooner. Hmmmm....." he brings his glove to his mask and stands eerily still for a few moments before resuming his speech. "I should have a word with some of the elders, I might know one or two. If not I can't really oppose them, nor really any of us. If my hunches are correct, dragons are now in control." A solemn look is very much gestured but not seen.

Nuxokog, the effects finally wearing off, shakes himself slightly. He pulls his bowstring, without an arrow, and relaxes it; checks his quiver, then his pouches. He then looks back at the wizard. "We shall see," he says, sadly.

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