Song of Ice and Fire RPG

Song of Ice and Fire RPG

Looking for some players for an RPG!

You have to look at it form a different point of view. The area's of the crown lands that are run by lesser noble houses(or at least the area I plan to live in near crack claw) are sparsely populated, difficult to survive in, difficult to get too , and produce next to nothing. It gives me freedom because I don't care what happens to my own land. And I plan on spending as little time as possible in it. If I raise my banner for a usurper and they take my lands My response will be, Congratulations you captured swamp now. Have fun!

lock426- so then youre essentially making a character who is useless as a lord since he owns essentially nothing. Is he then a big political schemer? what does he do then?

I don't know what you have in mind, but something I would find interesting is a scenario where we are something like House Florent intent on snatching Highgarden for ourselves. Or similar level of fairly high stake scheming.

That is my basic character idea, I may change it depending on what we decide for to use for the setting.

lock426 - actually your character idea reminds me of littlefinger, technically a lord but of basically useless/small land who through his abilities is able to achieve much more.

There's a definite parallel there, but I'll promise you right now that I'll do my best not to give off a creepy want to have sex with a teenaged girl vibe.

Well, I figure I might as well express interest since there's no guarantee I'll be accepted to the other Song of Ice and Fire RP, and I'm actually a lot more familiar with this sort of roleplaying instead of an actual dice system.

Also, I don't know how you guys feel about this, but if people want to play somewhere less stable and more war-ravaged, how about the Disputed Lands in Essos. We could form a mercenary band like the Second Sons, and try to achieve that elusive checkmate in order to win the lands for a city-state of our choice (Volantis if I get a choice in the matter… that or Lys).

drunk- sounds good. Also I like the idea about an Essos campaign, if you guys want to do that we certainly can. Again I will wait until the end of the week and then based on presented ideas and how much people like them I will put together a full campaign scenario. Do you have an idea of a character concept you might like to try?

Well, personally I'd prefer knowing the plot/setting before making a character, but a Summer Islander warrior or a freed Ghiscari Unsullied sound like pretty attractive choices if we're going with the Essos campaign…

Although I could also go for a Westerosi hedge knight who fell out of favor after Robert's rebellion… I don't know, I'm pretty much down for anything xD

drunk - all those sound good. tomorrow i will put out a finalized scenario so if you guys have a preference for something let me know.


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