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Make Your Own Adventure

Second Weapon/Shield Slot: Cursed Katar
Curse: <BLANK>

I'll fill in the curse. A favorite one of mine from a long time ago.

Cursed weapon -1, always readied. That is, no matter what you are attempting to strike with, this weapon will always appear in your hand just before the blow is dealt. That's right - no matter what you do, this weapon is ALWAYS going to find its way into your hand and be the weapon that deals damage. It teleports without error from across any distance, including plane-hopping. And the curse is not removable without divine intervention. (Man, that was one hell of an adventure to get that freaking long sword removed from my person.)

Doesn't that defeat the purpose of having two weapons?

I'm not sure if that curse seems a little extreme. Oh well, I suppose it's a price to be paid for someone choosing a cursed weapon for our protagonist..............

It defeated the purpose of my character years ago specializing with the battle axe and then getting stuck with a cursed long sword. It happens.

If it's too extreme, then disregard it.

Well, we can see how it plays out.

Item Slot 3:

Magic Item: Bracelet of True Flight
Properties: Bracelet gives her a flight speed of 300 (perfect). Can Levitate at will as per the Levitate spell. Can fight in the air without any penalties. Up to 5/DAY she can act under the effect of Greater Haste, Energy Immunity: Air/Sonic and Deflection Bonus of +8. This ability last for 10 minutes and can only be used while in the air. In this form the user grows yellow golden wings that hum in a soft audible tone.

That pic I chose is too big. Someone should resize it to like 600x600 or put it in a spoiler.

Found a pic for the bracelet.

Originally Posted by matty View Post
Well, we can see how it plays out.
Although, I don't see how the curse I described is worse than having a ring of at-will wish...

Well, the point was that this is meant to be something light hearted and fun. It's just my opinion and in trying to moderate the creation of the protagonist I just wasn't sure if that curse would dent the light heartedness and fun aspect of playing the protagonist.

If people are happy with it then that's fine. I wasn't trying to say that such a curse was wrong, merely that I wasn't sure if it may be too extreme in terms of denting the light heartedness and fun.

An At-will wish ring is extreme on the other scale, but I can see it fitting in with light heartedness and fun in a thread that isn't trying to be serious in any way.

Again, just my opinions and thoughts in trying to make sure that this thread remains fun for everyone that joins in. As I say, if others don't mind then I don't mind because this thread is for everyone to share and have fun with.

Boot Slot: Boots of Sorcerous Freedom - can wear Light Armor with no proficiency and spell failure. Also grants character improved Dexterity and 2 extra attacks with Katars per action. Weapon Finesse and Weapon Proficiency(Katar) while worn.

Face Slot. Googles of Hotsauce

At will spray 1 gallon of hot sauce from your eyes. You are immune to hot sauce. You can walk on hot sauce at will. You have 1/day greater creation as long as the only ingredient is hot sauce. You have 3/day shape (hot sauce). Eating hotsauce will heal you one point per gallon of hot sauce. Eating a gallon of hot sauce in combat provokes attacks of opportunity.

I think the course would be fun if everytime she cut into someone the sword scream out "Oh No" in a loud sterotypical cartoon voice. That would be kind of funny. But the other curse would ruin all combat. I for one don't like it. But if others think it's cool I will confer to their opinion.

Hand Slot Item:

Mickey Mouse Gloves Of True Giggling
Provides a greater damage die increase on unarmed attacks. Anyone hit with a slap attack from the MM Gloves has to succeed on a Will Save of wearer's Charisma Modifier+15 or spend 3d6 rounds uncontrollably giggling. Suffering a minus -6 to everything until they stop giggling. Gloves also cause the user's hands to swell up to 6x the size of a normal persons hands.


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