Maps and illustrations

Maps and illustrations

I will post two kinds of maps. The first are meant for exploration, the others for combat.

To illustrate combat, I have experienced some and landed on a variant where you can move your own players on the map.
When I post a combat map, whoever posts first will move their player and HIT ENTER.
When you have done this, the map will update/be saved and a new URL is created.
COPYPASTE this new URL in your post as a map update. The next player will then use this updated map and move his/her character, repeating the process.

Combat Map - The Wolves Round 1


1. If you move the cursor on the icons, you will see their 'names'.
2. The black lines are the mausoleum outlined. The black boxes are the statues.
3. The blue boxes are gravestones. They cost 2 squares of movement to enter and provide cover.
4. The stairs (black box in front of building) provides higher ground and +1 to atk rolls.
5. You hear a third wolf, but you don't know where it is located yet.

So do we move our characters in this thread, or the IC thread?

Edit: Moved Liarra. Oh wait... Initiative goes to wolves... moving her back.

Good question!
I want you to include the updated map after your move in your IC combat posts.
I will post combat maps in the game thread and also here for reference.
I am closing this thread, so questions regarding this will go in the OOc thread.

The complex

I will update this map for every room you enter.
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Beholder room with marked loose tiles

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