World of Farland

A world conquered by evil and ruled by the Lords of Sin; A unique campaign setting designed to be used with D&D 4th Edition.

4e Campaign Request

4e Campaign Request

I've just recently been gifted the 4e DMG, PHBII, PHBI.

Curious if you would mind me running a 4e Campaign for Farland? Also, if you know any 4e players of Farland it would be fantastic if you could send them my way so we can organise a lil' Shindig.

Farland is provided as a free to use campaign setting. Have at it!

As for finding players, either just post your ad or have a bit of discussion in [Game Planning] to gauge interest.

Wait I paid $50 Dollars to use it ??!?!?!!? Damn you FARLAND! Damn you to HELL!

Haha, yes, Drmorganes is right.

How much difference is there between the 3rd ed material and the 4rth ed material? Also is the 3rd ed material still available? I ask because i would love to do a campaign, but i wont go anywhere near 4rth edition.


Absolutely. The whole 3e site is still available here:

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