Blame the dice roller

I was fully expecting Earth myself but decided to see what the 'randomiser' would pick for me. I suppose water could fit. If the direct approach wouldn't work he would just work at it in different ways and wear down someone's resistance to his 'charms'.

@MadHatter, I don't mind the thread, and if anyone wants me to make them a private thread to discuss Character creation, I can do that, just let me know. ALSO Genius Nin only applies to one area of jutsu as normal, not all.

@Dragonmech, I'm not sure the difference between the two, hehe, not an expert on Japanese ancient weaponry.

@Phoenixfire, You certainly don't have to abide by the random affinity rules, but you're welcome to if you'd like.

I'd really like a thread to work with you on, Josh. That way I can discuss some details, and get your feedback. Some of it is also dealing with backstory creation, too!


I would definately like to know what you think about my character. I primarily left most of my character in private tags because of the whole

thing. But if you think I should reveal what she is to the other appicants, I will.

It's come to my attention that at character creation there aren't many rules concerning what jutsu you are allowed to know, and I trust you all to pick jutsu that it is somewhat possible you could have made the learn checks for.

In example, I think you get something like a -20 to make learn checks to learn Medical Techniques without a feat, so you should not start with them without the feat. Minuses less drastic are a little more plausible to have as starting techniques.

Josh-What are the rules regarding HP? Can we reroll any poor rolls or take average or half rolls?

Hehehe just updated teh rolls thread answering you. Anwho, just added the rule to the top of the character creation thread.

Roll or take average but not both, max at first level, you're welcome to reroll or take average, since this wasn't stated, and you rolled for first level. If you really want you can keep what you have...

But if you choose to roll again you stick with it. Otherwise average or what you rolled already.

Josh may I please have a secret thread of secret-ness within which we can discuss secret things?


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