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Make Your Own Adventure

Lol, thank you kerim... and they're still quite useful, lol.... I actually saved that description in notepad and may reference it in a pathfinder game when I GM for my friends, lol

Even though I'm moderating, I hope people don't mind if I add something.

Body Slot: Robes of Charismatic Charm. (Boosts Charisma by +6, gives a +2 bonus to any roll involving a social situation. Make a Charisma roll when first meeting people to make their disposition towards you more friendly. Can reshape itself at will in to other types of clothing required for any situation.)

I just feel this would work.

Originally Posted by Dal Rend View Post
ehh, guess I'll name the Imp

If no one has any objections then....


I spelled it wrong but if anyone catches the reference then cool
I've heard the name. Samurai Seven, I believe.

Oooooooooooooooohhh... any type of clothing you say? Man, that'll be fun.

I'll go set to work on the brief background. AKA: Dibs on that slot.

I think we're going to have to start rolling up some D&D style stats and skills.........

way of rolling stats:
4d6 reroll 1s.
(No, I didn't forget anything)

I think we'll wait until the blanks are filled in then I'll roll some numbers, which people can then decide which stats to put the numbers in.

Then use the D&D/PF base list for available skills to choose from and then assign skill ranks against those skills until the skill ranks are used up. I'll come up with an appropriate number of total skill ranks.

At some point someone can also do a better job of creating a character sheet.

I still feel inclined to say no to anything like this. A heart graft or pacemaker or anything like that isn't an item in my book. I'd rather this be some sort of external item or accessory.

Also, I really have no idea what effect True Resurrection will have on a Vampire. If De'lora dies and comes back then it will be as she was before, meaning she will come back as a vampire exactly the way she was before she died.


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