2: The God of Vengeance

Martin Gomez


" I've heard some strange stories about even stranger place, but this ..."

Martin has no idea what is going on or what he should do. And so he focuses on the only thing he can do: figuring out this group that is still much to calm for a group of civilians.

"I really have no idea. And believe me, I've seen some weird things ... things you probably wouldn't believe."

He shakes his head and seems to look at the tree that is now far away (again) while actually paying close attention to the people around him.

"Never know what I might believe," Ben says as he narrows his eyes at that damned tree. "So, the stupid thing just moved. Do we think that confirms it's importance, or that it's a distraction?"


Martin, you have the surreal feeling of suddenly snapping back to consciousness. Michael is hurt, the others attend to him, and he is dripping black and smoking slightly. There is a disconnect with the past several moments, but the back of your head hurts, as if you've been knocked out.

Should you look down at your hands and feet, you see something...off. Upon further inspection, you then notice that you are seeing through them. Like foggy glass, they have become translucent, the lack of opacity spreading up in a gradient to your elbows and knees. Those of a
Characters who have the Unseen Sense Merit
sixth sense will see a strange, foggy pattern spreading up your arms and legs, but not the transparency.


The great corpse lies still, mouth open in a wide, frozen scream. Its body reeks, its feathers patterned with stripes of black and soot grey. Its milky eyes have a slight, greenish tinge to them, and upon further inspection, parts of its body are shifting and wriggling. With a loud pop and a
Roll Resolve + Composure not to vomit
horrendous stench, a great pile of maggots bursts through the chest, spreading out over the heart. They sound like a million, squeaking rats.

Arcangelo Molinelli

Time had passed, and now Arcangelo resisted the urge to vomit. If successful he would try to pierce this chaos with his own perceptions.
Dice Roll: 5d10s8ez
d10 Results: 10, 4, 2, 1, 1, 7 (Total Successes = 1)
Resolve + Composure (1)
What is the resolve of his surroundings or is there even one applied? The spell usually requires a target but Arcangelo is trying to focus on his entire area not one particular aspect of it.
Gaze of the Wise

Brother Michael Fisher

Michael glances at himself then the others. Where did this fog come from? The fog spreading over them all was strange, where had it come from? Yet he had neither the strength nor the will to try and get out of it. He simply sat there still slightly smoking from before. Unsure what next bizarre and unearthly horror will assault them next.

Martin Gomez


Momentarily confused, Martin touches the back of his head and then inspects his hand, expecting to see blood.

Did someone hit him? Shoot him? Is this what a bullet to the head feels like? Or one of the maggots?

But the only thing he notices when he looks at his finger is that he can look through his fingers.

"What just happened? Who did this to me? ... What is this?"

He keeps starring at his limbs, no longer paying attention to the people around him.


All around you, there is a thunderous roar. A great and terrible bellow, the roar of a lion and a tiger rumbling in stormy thunder, shakes the landscape. The ground shivers and shakes, cracking slightly, and you hear the sound of tree limbs breaking in the distance. Very slowly, the world itself begins to flip upside down; the horizon begins to tilt, until you stand at a ninety degree angle.... And then, the sky and earth itself are reversed. Your feet still cling to the earth, but you are upside down and the blood begins rushing to your head.

Another great bellow sounds. Something shadowy and great rises in the distance behind you, and a cold, icy wind begins to blow.


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