The Mausoleum

"I think each poem corresponds to two of the runes," Liarra said, musing. "If we can correctly identify all the runes the poems state, then we should be left with the correct rune to push."

"Let's see here... magic dies, fast men slow... that means... antimagic and a slowing effect? That means..." Liarra straightened up. "Alright, it looks like we should eliminate the ones that indicate anti-magic, slowness, death, petrification, fear, um... possibly confusion, shy friends, sleep, and... wounding?"

She ticked off each one. "That's 9, and there are 10 pictures. That should be it."

"Hmm," Dana says with a pensive sigh. She scratches the side of her head and adds, "I hate riddles. Why can't people just get to the point? I do like your train of thought though, Liarra. Mind you, are there ten pictures and eleven references to magic? We need to get this right. I mean, what if pressing the wrong rune triggers a boobytrap?"

Rulet being as small as he is, kneels down and examines the door wondering if he can find a way to disarm the device.
taking 20 if you allow it, making 29, if I can unlock/disarm it, I will roll that as well.

Stilgar with his familiarity with stone, notices this door is a lot older than then the stone walls they have moved through up to this point. And it is likely dwarven in origin.

Checking the door, Rulet finds no traps, but regrettably, no way to open the door either.

"Wait," Dana says. Intense lines mark the paladin's face as she studies the door. "Each stanza refers to two forms of magic. Like Liara said, the first one mentions some sort of ant-magic or dispel magic spell, plus some sort of slow spell. The second one mentions some sort of death and some sort of petrification spell. The third stanza mentions some sort of fear spell, with the second reference tougher to assess, but I think it refers to flight or the ability to defy conventional movement. The fourth refers to a suggestion spell, I think, and a sleep spell. Each one of these stanzas ends with a contrary statement, hinting that they will not solve our riddle. But then there's the last stanza. It actually has three spell references in it. Some sort of charm spell, some sort of evocation, and I'm not sure what oblivion aids means, but surely that's a spell too. Moreover, oblivion aids is runed. Doesn't that mean this symbol would be the trigger?"

"Maybe there's a rune on the right switch plate... oblivion can also mean nothing, or blankness... maybe the answer isn't on the carving at all, but in a blank portion of the door with a rune?" Liarra suggested, then noticed Ariel about to tap on the switches. The monk holds up a hand.

"That may be... unwise... not to mention unhealthy," she suggested.

Arial had
probably when Lianna was resting upstairs
already pressed her torch against the combination she thought appropriate...

Hmmmmm ?... nothing...?

Arial was in a world of her own, and the monks words seemed a million miles away as she narrowed her eyes considering whether or not to cast an appropriate spell.

Setting her orange tabby cat down to explore at it's own leisure, Arial hooks her crossbow onto her belt and stands quietly back from the door considering quietly the puzzle.

Arial using the torch against the stone door apparently accomplishes nothing.
Having checked the door thoroughly, Rulet has found no indication of any hidden mechanisms to open the door.

"I don't suppose anyone brought powdered talc or flour," Dana wonders out loud. She takes a step back and starts to examine the room itself, both the walls and floor around the door. "Sprinkling it over the surface might help us find hidden grooves and crevices, perhaps even a trigger. I have soap, would that work?"

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