Shades of Grey (OOC)

Ooo i didnt notice that, good catch pc.. Ooo i had noticed it, astral fire is +1/2/3 to damage, rather than +1/2/3 to hit

I'll get Willow's disturbed sleep post up today ... stupidly busy weekend and then I was actually busy at work yesterday ... crazy world.


Random, NGP: Jesus..."ask and ye shall receive." Great posts, guys. Truly. Really great peeks into the currently haunted and conflicted minds of your characters without actually just spelling it out. Looking forward to the rest!

My 4th level power is all picked and updated in the pcs section. I'll update to 4th level at later this week.
New feat: superior will ;-)
I also swapped my daily because to Form of the Fearsome Ram because I never found a good use for my daily Form of the Swamp Hunter

Got my first tattoo Thursday. It's a reminder of a life-changing event I went through a few weeks ago and just a generally positive message.

Waiting on Ashara and PureChance (and Travok if he comes back to us) but honestly, I've been so busy preparing for my birthday bash that it's worked out well for me.

Sorry for the wait. Life is complicated right now. This is my third crack at this post. Not sure how happy I am with it but it'll do.

Nice one Ty ... I like tattoos ... always thought of getting one, but I'm so fickle I'd probably wish I had got something else a month later -- and then it's too late

WOW AI ... that was awesome (and you're not happy with it ... you should be, it's brilliant).

Ashara isn't going to forgive Willow for a long time is she??

Great post mate

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