From gauntlet onwards:

From gauntlet onwards:

Simple way: use extremely detailed character generation, p. 32-33, average lab, +3 aura, as much vis as you require to study or build stuff (but not for taking with you). If you want to learn spells by inventing them, you can assume that lab texts for all the spells in the core book (and only those) exist. You get exposure xp when creating spells/items.
Contact me to work in virtue boni that need an explanation (e.g. book reader, elementalist) - you'll get some extra xp.

complicated way:
- tell me season by season what you want to do and I'll tell you season by season what happens
- this is most useful if you want to do other things than spending xp, learning spells
- used for: finding familiars, initiation into a mystery, trading (for an item, selling a book, acquiring a longevity ritual, a golden monkey...), other special activities


You are each welcome to add 2 years to your character post gauntlet.
After that you are expected to develop the next 8 seasons by going season by season.

If you spend them learning from books, assume that the books have a source quality of 9.

First two years:
Henri Magus ex Bonisagus has just past his gauntlet
In his first year he gains 30xp: He buys 5xp spell mastery Pilum of Fire, 15xp animal handling, 10xp raising Perdo from 0 to 4.
In his second year he is spends
1.) a season opening his talisman (a silver crown adorned with a ruby and an amethyst). It is opened with 12p of vis.
2.) He then imbeds the spell "aura of ennobled presence" (MuIm 10, environmental trigger +3; total: 13), which take shim 1 season because his lab total (Magic theory 3 + 1 Item specialty + 2 Puissant MT + 3 Aura + Mu 10 + Im 6 = 26); He attunes his Talisman to give him "+6 fire related effect". He gains 2xp, which he spends on MT.
3.) He tries to find a familiar, preferably a cat.
4.) He bonds the familiar (using InAn: lab total 15), giving it +1 in each cord. He spends his 2 exposure xp on MT.

8 more seasons:
1.) Seasons 1-3: Studies books on Terram (good reader +3 xp)/season: 36xp
2.) Season for: extracts vim vis from the aura: 1 pawn. 2exposure xp spent on MT
3.) He masters the spell Aura of Rightful authority (5xp)-->Mastery 1. Still Casting.
4.) He starts to create a silver ring of Image phantom (MuIm 20, 1 use per day). He opens the ring using 6p of vis. 2 xp exposure spent on MT.
5.-6.) It take shim 2 seasons 2 imbed the spell
7.) He practices carousing (4xp)
8.) He reads abook on carousing (9xp+3xp book learner).

Storyguide rolls d8: 5

After 5 seasons, the letter reaches him and he goes off adventuring.

Niall post gauntletFirst two years:
In his first year he gains 30xp; Raises Imaginem from 5 to 7 (13xp), Alps Lore to 1 (Geography) (5xp), Parma Magica from 1 to 2 (10xp).
Next year he gains 30xp; Raises Creo from 5 to 9 (30xp).
Mastered spells virtue 50xp; Whispering Winds CrAu 15 1 (5xp) (Still), Miasma of dead soldiers CrAu 10 2 (15xp) (Quiet x2), Invisible Wall of Thorns CrHe 25 3 (30xp) (Penetration, Fast, Multiple).

8 more seasons:
1.) Carousing with faerie friend finding a glade with a Faerie aura of 5. (5xp aquiring Carouse 1)
2.- 4.) Studying the raw vis of Auram in the glade. (
Dice Roll: 3d10+24tz
d10 Results: 3, 2, 1 (Total = 30)
Sum Total: 30
Xp (30)+ 4 gained, use 30xp to raise Auram from 5-9) (13 (2 leftovers)xp used to raise Auram to 7)
5.) Study one more season with the raw vis. (
Dice Roll: 1d10+8z
d10 Results: 7 (Total = 15)
Xp (15), 4xp left from earlier, use 10xp to raise Auram from 9-10)
6.) Extracts Auram vis from Aura: 1 pawn. (2xp, together with 9 from before to raise Auram from 10-11)
7.) Delve into the mysteries of Faerie Magic. (Adventure 5xp?)
8.) Invent new spells through experiment.

Ren post gauntletFirst two years:
In his first year he gains 30xp; Researches Animal 5, Rego 5
Next year he gains 30xp; Researches Intellego 6, creo to 6, Imaginem 2

8 more seasons:
1 Longevity Ritual(8 vim vis for+3) Total 15(lab)+2(CrCo/5)+3(vis)=20
2 Helmet made of
+10 vs demons, +7 harm/repeal faeries, +6 sight, +5 controlling wild beasts, +3 Healing/Corpus, +4 leadership, strength, courage, pride, Wearer's Mind/emotion
Iron enbedded with a topaz, red coral, and Amber Talisman (Open +5 controlling wild beasts) spends 15 vis opening it
3 Prying eyes
31(14+1(specialist items)+6(In)+2(Im)+5(Tals)+6 material+3(aura))-Level 5+10=15 one season)
investment Unlimited (Open +3 Corpus) "manufesto,manufesto,manufesto"
4 True Sight of the Air
35 (12+1(items)+6(In)+5(Au)+5(T)+6(M)-15+1=16 one season)
investment 2/d (Open +5 seeing through something)
5-7 Eyes of the Bat
35=12+1+6(In)+5(Au)+5(T)+6(M)- 25+1=26 Three seasons
investment 2/d (Open +6 sight)
8 Study session with Certo books 9xp 6 to 7=7xp

And here we gooooo
Dice Roll: 1d8z
d8 Results: 8

Uther post gauntletFirst two years:
In his first year he spends two seasons inventing Wizard's Ward versus Steel Weapons ReTe 25 (Gaining 4 exposure exp in Terram (40), and 2 seasons reading Rego books (+18*1.5 exp = 66+27 = 94 (Level 13))
Next year he spends 4 seasons reading Corpus books gains 36 exp = 51 (Level 9).

8 more seasons:
1.) Reads Rego Book (+14 exp = 108 (Level 14))
2.) Reads Corpus book (+9 exp = 60 (Level 10))
3.) Studies Lab Text for Leap of Homecoming ReCo 35
4.) Reads Book on Parma Magica (+9 exp = 14)
5.) Reads Book on Parma Magica (+9 exp = 23 (Level 2))
6.) Reads Book on Parma Magica (+9 exp = 32 (Level 3))
7.) Reads Book on Muto (+9 exp = 15 (Level 5))
8.) Reads Rego Book (+14 exp = 122 (Level 15))

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