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Shouldn't you have asked the original poster of the first curse if he was okay with it being overwritten?

Kerim, I don't mind. Matty has made it clear he doesn't like the curse, and that he's in charge of the character anyhow. My denying him permission to overwrite it - even if he only discussed it with one other person and not the players at large - would not have made any difference.

Alright. Then I'll just wait for Matt to post the new curse

I already stated my intentions and due to the fact that I have clearly divided the community on this thread I am no longer involving myself in the processes of character creation or moderation or anything. If anything I said was taken the wrong way realise that I'm not always the best person at choosing my words or conveying what I mean. I can make mistakes.

I'm not here to get involved in arguments or anything like that so I'm keeping what I write in this post to a minimum.

I hope this proves that I do not want control or to dominate this thread in any way.

I now leave this thread in the hands of the community and hope people take it forward in the direction they want to take it in.

thread derailment hurts us all.
Anyway I'm pretty sure I posted last so...would you kindly post an item?

I am also going to be bowing out of this thread. Hope you folks have fun.

It just takes one sour apple to ruin the fun :/. While I have nothing against scarecrow, things did go south quick when he started getting upset :/

Ok, I am going to state this one time: I was not upset.

I was following along with the game. I gave my input. I was then told it was far too extreme and that the creator of this game didn't like it. I asked for clarification, and even wondered why the at-will wish ring was allowed but the curse wasn't. I was told spirit of the game, at which point I said either use it or don't. At that point it became clear that Matty was in control and it wasn't a community game. MadHatter then stated he talked to Matty about changing the curse, which tells me my input wasn't wanted. I bowed out. How is this me getting upset?

Doesn't belong on this thread, but I'm starting to believe that either there is a strong anti-Scarecrow71 sentiment out here, or I'm not allowed to have an opinion on things. I've been called brainless, a child, aggressive, and out of line. Yet not one person who has made these comments has had the common courtesy to listen to anything I say OR ask what I truly mean.

Sorry, but NOW I am upset.

Apology killed the thread star. In the interest of doing something. Torso slot: Bustier of Eternal Darkness. This dark corset allows the wearer to fuse into shadows. When in darkness all melee and ranged attacks have a 50% miss chance due to your fusing with shadows. In addition, if the stars are aligned you can send a person to one of four possible entities once per millennium(no save). The entity they are sent to is dependent on the aspect the bustier is representing. You can switch the aspect of the bustier by performing a one minute ritual every day for a year. In addition, the aspect of the bustier offers the following benefits.

Mantorok- You can grow up to 5 jaws a day for one hour each. These can be divided up at any time including used all at once. You can grow eyes anywhere on your body 3 times a day. You have perfect vision that can see through anything. You gain true sight in that direction range 500 feet. The inside of your body becomes like a slime you are immune to sneak attacks, critical hits, and poison. You also gain +6 to Con and 18 spell resistance you get -4 to insanity and fear based effects. In addition, if female you are able to have a baby within one day of becoming pregnant.

The aspect of Chattur'gha grants you a +6 to strength and a +4 to armor. You sprout two additional arms. They work exactly as your other arms. You gain +4 against fear and insanity based effects.

The aspect of Ulyoath is fluid. You gain waterbreathing, damage reduction 10/- and a +6 to INT. If you have a spell casting class that uses a stat other than INT the +6 works in that stat. All your spell damage is vile damage.

The aspect of Xel'lotath. You gain +4 to fear and insanity based DCs and you become insane. You gain the spell contagion as a spell like ability once a day. Instead of diseases however you can spread insanity.

Pretty sure that item is broken and way too involved but whatever.


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