Chapter 1b: Crashing the party

Mara Aragone, Zeltron Female Noble

~ Enemy Freighter: Outside Bridge ~

Mara catches the movement from her right, sees Oln alive and inwardly sighs in relief. He is checking on Luka and she crawls closer to have better cover if the Captain comes around the console to shoot at her.

She whispers to Oln, "How's Luka? Does he live?"

Seeing as things just got fifty percent better in a heartbeat, Mara is feeling more confident for their negotiations. She weighs the Captain's offer before replying, "Interesting. We are not going to shoot your bridge crew, and they will even be allowed their freedom. This I can offer."

"But Captain, if you continue to fight while we have the upper hand, we cannot promise to not kill you personally. If you wish to persuade my team to stop, I will need to know more about the value of this information and other compensations."

"Because, as I see it we already have the compensation of your ship. Surely you understand this and can be reasonable. If the information you provide is worthwhile, then perhaps we can arrange your freedom."

The captain rolled his eyes "One of your's is dying and you want to sit here and chat first? Maybe you are heartless enough to work for the Vorr."

"I'll tell you about the cargo, but you've got to promise our safety and a ship home" The captain said palming a little round metalic ball - A thermal detonator! "Or I can blow us all into spacedust if we're all dead anyways!"

Oln Vizsla - Mando'ade/Miralukan Male Scoundrel

~ Sabre - Docking Access Hatch~

Since his little act of stealth was pointless Oln raises one of his hands, his least favorite hand just in case, above the console so everyone could see. "He'll be fine."

Honestly Oln didn't have a clue. He could tell Luka was still alive and that his breathing was more regular than Oln's own. That wasn't saying very much right now however. Oln could locate most vulnerable points on the human body and he was handy in a dissection even. Keeping things alive was not a focus point of his childhood however.

Raising a finger and wagging it back and forth he continues, "In my medical opinion though copious amounts of explosions would not likely speed his recovery."

Character Sheet

Enemy Freighter

Ossek looked back over her shoulder at Snipe. "The Lieutenant took it down in one shot after it got its one shot off. I wouldn't worry about it, I'm still glad to have you at my back Snipe. Now let's get this door open. I assume there's a panel around here somewhere..." Ossek innate disagreement with technology resent itself once again as she stared around, hunting for the means to open the door.

Mara Aragone, Zeltron Female Noble

~ Enemy Freighter: Outside Bridge ~

Mara gives Oln a thumbs up and a relieved smile at the news that Luka would live. Without a word, she hands her stun grenade to the bartender if things take a turn for the worst, but she gestures for him to wait with it. She pulls her second one from her clutch purse.

Seeing that thermal detonator only furthered her decision to get one of those ABC scramblers her uncle Max mentioned as soon as her next stipend of credits comes in. She doesn't think grenades are good for her health either.

Calling over the console, she says, "Well, my companion is going to live for now. So I need not rush this decision."

"Let me consider this for a moment."
She made no attempt at deception, being quite honest in her consideration.

She closes her eyes for a moment, thinking about what she knows of Marko. Letting her intuition mull over the situation.

Group 2: Cargp Hold
Ossek quickly spots an access pad, its display currently an angry red color, likely indicating that the door was locked. It seemed to be in as good a shape as the rest of the ship . . . which meant that it was probably junk when it was new, which it certainly wasn't anymore.

Mara Aragone, Zeltron Female Noble

~ Enemy Freighter: Outside Bridge ~

Mara opens her eyes and glances at Oln one more time and then over at Katjur. She motions for them to stay down and wait.

The zeltron woman stands, with her weapons still in hand, but down by her sides. The muzzle of her pistol pointed at the floor. Considering the negotiations are going peaceably, she assumes a posture that is not threatening.

"Very well, Captain. We can come to an agreement, I believe."

"You may have your freedom in exchange for the information and cargo as proposed. On my word, you can have safe passage from Destiny's Rest for you and your crew."
She is not sure if her word will hold true with Marko, or even Luka for that matter, but she has the option to at least try to convince him if either really objects.

"However, there is the matter of damages and destruction you caused. This ship should cover it, and your and your crew will have to either purchase a new one or book passage on a transport."

The captain strolled slowly over to the main console. He pressed the button for a shipwide comm message "This is the Captain. Stand down." He paused, a little unsure if he was doing the right thing. Finally he repeated. "Stand Down."

"I opened the lock to the cargo bay for your friends. They'll find all the stolen goods in there. And then some."

The captain motioned for the technicians to put their weapons down. They did so, reluctantly. "Now, what information should I hand out first?"

We'll proceed on to Chapter 2 when everyone is done leveling. In the meantime, feel free to continue RPing while everything is worked out. Roll HP (reroll 1s) in your private threads and let me know when you are finished leveling up.

Mara Aragone, Zeltron Female Noble

~ Enemy Freighter: On the Bridge ~

Mara leaves Oln to look after Luka, she is no medic herself, and opens a commlink channel to the other team.

<"Ossek, this is Mara. Can you provide a status report, please? We have the Bridge under control and reached a cease fire of sorts.">

As the technicians are putting down their weapons, she puts the stun grenade back into her clutch purse. She approaches, confidently, and hold out a hand for the Captain's weapon. Her own pistol is still in hand, but muzzle pointed down.

"If you don't mind, Captain. The thermal detonator, please."

"You may keep your sidearm as a sign of good faith. I am a woman of my word,"
heh, maybe I am today, "however, I will have a hard time convincing Marko with you having that at your disposal."


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