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For those about to die we salute you. In character we shall notify your child of the unfortunate mess. may even have to take thenm on a dependent.

Kbrn, if you move the ] and add a ; your roll will show up the way you want it to:
[Roll=checks his bonds; escape]3d6
and then the close tag.

Xav, i didn't check my posting until now. i see the mistake and corrected it. thanks for letting me know though. had a messed up day with chemotherapy, primary care doctor, and emergency dental.

Hey all,just a personal quirk! Aelun put up that there are 4 or 5 orc's numbered 1-4/5.

For the sake of just visualistion,and for us to track who's wounded and who isnt.

Can we please! if you are attacking can you state the numbered orc you are hitting.

and as a humerous point ,stop playing with your food!

its almost like we're toying with these orcs.

If they are afraid of magic,they will be needing a change of armour.

I don't really know which one is where, or which is closest to Garth. Is there a map? I may have missed it, the holiday has been a bit crazy for keeping track of things.

No there is no map,only think we've got to go on is a fire,a pile of gear ,4 or 5 orcs and some woods i believe others went off after the random archer.

That's a great idea Cheezal, but it's a little hard when we're selecting targets based on range or existing injury, and Aelun didn't number them in the post where he mentioned their position...

You attacked orc 1. Which orc is that? Where is he?

I feel we're doing the best we can with the descriptions we have and lack of map, and random numbers seem to make a lot less sense than "the nearest orc" or "the nearest injured orc".

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