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Corrupt A Wish

Granted. It was a stupid wish to wish you didn't have to wish, but you wished it.

I wish I could turn invisible.

Granted. Unfortunately, because you are only able to see when light reflects off the back of your eyes, and the power of invisibility means light passes through you (or is bent around you) are now blind. And the invisibility never wears off, so you are blind and nobody can ever see you again.

I wish I was invisible, but I could see, hear, speak, and move about normally.

Granted. You're stuck as hobo's shadow.

I wish I had a second pair of arms(with hands obviously).

Granted. They are both stored within your intestinal tract. In theory. You might. Maybe. Be able to sort-of use them. But that'd be *really* uncomfortable. For you. And for all witnesses.

I wish to be directly responsible for the zombie apocalypse.

Granted. Everyone in 100 meters from you becomes a zombie. But being non-zombie, you're quickly eaten.

I wish I had those arms attached outside, just below my normal pair of arms(and not inside my body).

How does that make me "responsible" for the zombie apocalypse?

Something Supernatural ---> You're the one who can make others into zombies ---> Those Zombies eat you and make you zombie

What I meant is that if anyone approaches you in 100 meters, that someone becomes a zombie. And that's permanent effect

Originally Posted by LtLukoziuz View Post
I wish I had those arms attached outside, just below my normal pair of arms(and not inside my body).
Granted in full, and it is totally awesome! You can pick up so much more things, make convoluted knots, hands everywhere during sex... it is 'teh coolest'. BUT soon after you are hounded by groups of martial artists claiming that you are Shao Kahn's latest lieutenant. In order to save your life, you must constantly be on the run living a lonely existence bereft of all social niceties. And Goro lived happily ever after.

I wish that everyone who, from now on, buys a lottery or raffle ticket will win the grand prize offered.

Granted. Lotteries always return less than gets paid in, so the average grand prize is now half the cost of a lottery ticket. Stupid people continue to buy them, however.

I wish to master martial arts. All of them.

Granted. However, you must always use one of the moves in absolutely any situation, pretty much getting corporal punishment soon.

I wish I knew what was Shao Kahn and Goro. Seriously, no idea.

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