Out of Character XI

Because Kristof knew they were going to attack, I will say that you gained a +10 to aim during the Temple Guards Surprise Round against the City Watch

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. May your holidays be filled with joy and hopes for the new year.

Awaiting three actions from Smokey, Kristof and Madoc to fell the remaining Temple Guard and I need some sort of reaction from Muggie or Dr Arcane in response to Ostrich Rage's question.

As a side note, I'm leaving in about a half hour to go to a local hockey game. I will be back around 10:00pm for a good deal of time. If anyone wants to continue moves, actions or dialogue, please do so. If anyone wants to continue later tonight it would be great. See you then.

I will post up in just a few. I am back at home from T-Day and ready to go!


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